Selling on a website is the number one route that businesses take when they want to earn revenue from their website. However, when you’ve chosen a template, whether it is one of the best eCommerce templates or not, then you are stuck with that. If you’re looking to add a shop later and you’ve not chosen an eCommerce theme, you might be worried that you can’t add a shop. But is that true? Can you add eCommerce to any Squarespace theme?

Can You Add Ecommerce to Any Squarespace Theme?

Technically there are no limits to the template that is used for your Squarespace eCommerce website. In fact, any template or theme that you’ve used allows you to build a shop on it. However, there might be limits to what you can do.

For instance, some templates are better suited for the shop that has just a few products or there are those templates that are better for larger catalogs. This can make a different to your site’s performance.

If you’re using the wrong template, then it can look a little weird. But that doesn’t mean that you are completely out of it. There are ways that you can rectify this. Here are a couple of options for you.

1. Use a Subdomain for your Shop

The first option is to create a subdomain for your website and have your store hosted on that. For instance, you could have The subdomain is a new website, in essence and therefore you will need to manage it. You will also need to add a new plan to your account and keep the original site.

The subdomain will benefit slightly from the SEO potential that is already existing on your main page. It can also mean that you can add more pages and products as you get another 1000 pages on the new website. However, it is more expensive.

2. Restart your Website

Because you can’t change your Squarespace template, the other option available for you is to start a new website and then switch the domain to point to the new website. You can then choose a better eCommerce template.

The problem with this is that it takes time to build a new website and it can harm your SEO as your website’s content might change. However, you can benefit from a new 14 day trial. This can be a great benefit for you financially and allows you to take your time to complete the new website without feeling rushed. You can even keep the old website active until the new website is ready to go.

Final Word: Can You Add Ecommerce to Any Squarespace Theme?

Can you add eCommerce to any Squarespace theme? Yes you can. However, some templates are better for a small catalog and others are better for larger product ranges. If you have chosen the wrong template, there are a couple of options however. Remember, for any shop, you still need either a Business or eCommerce plan.

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