PrestaShop is a popular CMS for shops and other niches online. In this field, you can be sure that your website needs to be fast to capture the audience that you want. For this, you will need to get one of the fastest PrestaShop themes available.

Why do you Need one of the Fastest PrestaShop Themes?

Speed is vital when it comes to the loading speed of your website. Speed plays an important part in several aspects of your success. First of all, visitors to your site will abandon your store if your site is too slow. Over a quarter of your visitors will leave your store if the loading time for any page is longer than four seconds. This can affect revenues too. Statistically, for every second it takes your store to load, you lose 7% of your revenue.

In addition, speed is linked to your website’s ranking on search engines. The faster your website, the higher you’re likely to rank, within reason. This is because Google prefers visitor experience over other aspects. As speed is linked so much to the visitor experience, it considers speed as a ranking factor.

In addition, speed can be a good indicator of how a website will perform on mobile. As many website visitors are now on a mobile device (tablet, phone, etc.), then having a responsive website design is vitally important.

So, what are the fastest PrestaShop themes? Here is our list of the top options for your brand.

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Maximum - Responsive PrestaShop 1.7 eCommerce Theme


Maximum is an impressive eCommerce theme that allows you to build a modern, professional site that can help you grow a loyal following. The design is perfect for all retail stores including those that sell headphones and other accessories. The theme was built with Bootstrap 3 and CSS3 and is completely responsive, so will look appealing on any device, whether mobile or desktop.

The theme is fantastic as it has a blog extension, is integrated with Google Fonts, and can support multiple languages and currencies. To help you build a great marketing campaign, there is a feature that allows you to subscribe visitors to a newsletter. And you can improve conversions by adding ‘new’ and ‘sale’ icons to products where they’re relevant.

The theme also contains lots of extensions to help you build great websites. For instance, you can have listing tabs, custom HTML and Mega Menus. Finally, all websites can be integrated with social networks.

Maximum - Responsive PrestaShop 1.7 eCommerce Theme Highlights:

  • Lots of extensions included with this theme for free.
  • Create listings in a list or grid view.
  • Fast, responsive theme design that allows you to attract and retain visitors.
  • Lots of customization options to help you build a branded website.

Platinum Fashion and Accessories Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 Theme


This theme has been specifically designed for those who want great fashion, digital, kid or other retail stores. It is fully responsive and can be viewed perfectly on any device, whether desktop or mobile device. It is also optimized for speed. It loads CSS and JavaScript quickly and websites built with this theme can boast a GTMetrix speed of up to 99%.

The store itself can be multilingual and there is also multishop support. The main files have 10 languages already available through a translation package. If you need more than this, then you can contact the developers and they will see about securing the other translations.

To help with SEO, there are Google Rich Snippets as well as other elements to help you rank highly on Google and other search engines. The better you rank, the higher your traffic will be. When customers do arrive on your store, you can convert them with several great features. One of these is a size chart and size guide. These can be customized to be more relevant to your products. There is also a great Ajax product search tool to help customers find the products they want.

And be sure that you can market to audiences in the long term with the newsletter popup and custom promotion popup.

Platinum Fashion and Accessories Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 Theme Highlights:

  • A speed optimized PrestaShop theme that allows you to build a strong website that is fast.
  • Promotional popups that allow you to build a strong marketing funnel to sell to customers.
  • Rank high on Google with Google Rich Snippets and other elements.
  • Multiple languages are supported for international stores.

AYON - Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme


AYON is a great theme that offers you a lot of features for selling online. The theme comes with nine demos that can be installed on your website for a quicker way to build your website. These demos can be customized so they’re more like your brand. You can also combine features from different demos to make your perfect website. All designs are responsive and fast. You can use any color or premade color schemes with this theme.

To help with navigation there is a fast mega menu module. If customers can navigate around your store quickly, they’ll stay for longer and may order more. And to further help with conversions, there is the option to have full screen, responsive videos that can sit on product pages. Products with videos are more likely to convert.

The theme contains the latest version of Revolution Slider and it has the amazing live visual editor and unlimited animations. To help you with spreading the news about your website, you can use Smart Blog. This allows you to show the latest blog posts to be shown on the home page, add blog categories to your stores and provides you with many more options.

The theme allows you to showcase between two and five products on the same row. And you can add urgency to your sales tactics with a countdown timer.

AYON - Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme Highlights:

  • Includes more than 700 Google Fonts that can you select within the customizer module.
  • There is an intuitive OnePage Checkout that allows customers to buy quicker.
  • SEO friendly, allowing you to rank better on search engines including Google.
  • A super fast theme, allowing you to minimize loses due to customers getting bored.

BestMarket - Multipurpose Mega Shop Responsive Prestashop Theme


Bestmarketz is a great multipurpose PrestaShop theme. It is modern and attractive, easy to use and is fully responsive. There are six colorful templates that can be applied to your website. The theme is great for selling electronic, fashion, accessories and more. The theme contains lots of features to help you build your website and sell more of your products. For example, it has both a vertical and horizontal mega menu. It also includes a slideshow feature with smooth transitions of text and any images that you have.

There is a wishlist feature that allows customers to select several products that they would like to buy for another time. You can also improve product browsing with Quick View and Ajax Layered Navigation.

You can encourage more purchases by using the Daily Deals module. This will showcase what products are currently on deal on your website. This can improve average order values and more. In addition, you can reach wider audiences by having right-to-left text in your website.

BestMarket - Multipurpose Mega Shop Responsive Prestashop Theme Highlights:

  • Fully integrated with Font Awesome icons.
  • Allow your products to be displayed in either a list or grid view.
  • Set the layout for each page to make your website look appealing to all.
  • Includes lots of extensions to offer you a function rich website that can attract and convert visitors.

Valentino - Responsive Fashion Prestashop Theme


Valentino is an elegant PrestoShop theme crafted specifically for stores selling clothing, shows and other fashion items. The theme offers you a stylish design that can be integrated with AJAX shopping cart, a beautiful Mega Menu option, sales countdowns, and lots more options.

The design for your website can be amazing. There is the ability to use any color style that you would like. You’re given the control of the colors through the admin panel. And with the mega menu, you can create a menu with up to six columns that can include the display categories. You can also have menus that include products with their descriptions, price, image, video, effects and more.

To help with the customer’s experience, you can offer customers a quick view option. This allows customers to see the product within a popup on the current page. Therefore, they don’t have to move away from the page that they’re currently on. And to promote your products better, you can use the slider options to showcase featured, sale, new, bestseller and more products.

The theme can support numerous languages including RTL languages.

Valentino - Responsive Fashion Prestashop Theme Highlights:

  • Includes SP Deal Addons, that allows you to showcase sales and promotions.
  • Built with Bootstrap 3 and CSS3.
  • Integrated with Google Fonts and other elements to improve the design.
  • Create a blog on your website with ease and subscribe readers to a mailing list.

Tuoring - Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme


Tuoring is a responsive PrestaShop theme that can support numerous languages, currencies and can be viewed perfectly on any device. It is the perfect multipupose theme and is used by many different niches. There is a stylish, and professional, layout that is perfect for the fashion industry.

The header style on this theme comes with a mega menu. It also has a newsletter subscription form and social media icons placed above the footer. Therefore, you can build a great business with long term potential to convert customers. There is also a product tab slider that allows you to divide the product list into different groups including bestsellers, new arrivals and specials. When the customer hovers over each item, the shopper can see four functional buttons.

The theme is completely integrated with Ajax search. So buyers can instantly see previews of search queries when using the search function. And customers can also use the ‘Quick View’ to speed up navigation and looking at products. This gives the customer a better experience and can improve the average cart value and more.

The theme supports lots of different languages, including that are written right to left.

Tuoring - Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme:

  • A clean, modern design that can be used with any niche.
  • Building with Bootstrap 3 and CSS3.
  • Supports Right to left languages.
  • Comes with five different layouts that can be easily customized.

Galardo - Responsive Fashion Prestashop Theme


Minimalist themes are often fast because they have so little code, that is why Galardo, a minimalist theme, is on the list. It combines an aesthetically pleasing look with great functionality and excellent navigation to please customers who are on your store with a first-class experience. It is fully responsive, and it can be seen on any kind of device or screen resolution in perfect detail.

The theme has four predesigned layouts that can be installed on your website within a matter of moments. From there you can customize the styles to your own specific needs. You can use a slideshow that can display large, high-definition images that can transition between each other in a smooth and impressive manner. This can be placed at the top of the website to showcase the most important news, products and deals.

You can also add the Daily Deals module to showcase what products are currently discounted on your websites. Discounts are a great way to win over new customers and convert them.

The theme supports multiple languages, including those that write right to left. And it supports a social networking block that can help you build social proof, another factor that can help with your website’s conversion rate.

Galardo - Responsive Fashion Prestashop Theme Highlights:

  • Four different customizable layouts that can be used within minutes.
  • Supports multiple languages including those that write right to left.
  • Includes a quick view and an Ajax add to cart feature.
  • Font Awesome icons are fully integrated into the theme’s files.

Oxelar - New Theme for Prestashop with New Styles

This modern theme is both responsive and aesthetically pleasing. The layout will impress shoppers as they visit your store, regardless of the device they’re using. It can also be viewed perfectly on multiple browsers, making it a great choice for anyone wanting to build a store in PrestaShop.

The theme comes with six layouts that have been predesigned. These can be customized with the frontend builder that is integrated with the theme. To highlight products on your store you can use the slideshows that allow for large images, texts and smooth transitions. You can also build great navigation with Mega Menu.

To speed up the purchasing process, you can use the countdown timer to create urgency or use the Ajax layered navigation or add to cart features. You can also have products popup on the page using the quick view option. Customers can also use the live search functionality to find what they want fast.

Oxelar - New Theme for Prestashop with New Styles Highlights:

  • Supports numerous languages, including those that write right to left.
  • Numerous features help with speeding up the buying process.
  • Build better navigation across your store with Mega Menu.
  • Includes 6 predefined store designs for you to install and customize.

BigC - Elegant eCommerce Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme


This multipurpose theme for PrestaShop has everything you need with the elegant and clear design that will impress guests. The theme comes with four unique and modern designs that allow you to impress guests so easily. All of these predesigned styles can be fully customized with ease and you can build any theme that is fast to load and can be viewed on any device, browser or screen resolution.

The theme is completely SEO optimized. Allowing your site to be found on numerous search engines with ease with a little SEO work.

BigC - Elegant eCommerce Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme Highlights:

  • Can use any color that you would like within the mobile-friendly design.
  • Responsive menu that can be collapsible or a sidebar.
  • Include ajax add to cart and add to compare functions.
  • Offers quick view for better viewing of products.

Karan - Minimal Fashion Prestashop Theme


Karan is a theme that is built for numerous different niches and offers great options to sell your merchandise online. The theme comes with a large slideshow and full social media integration, which are great for showcasing your latest products and proving you can be trusted with social proof. Karan is a great option if you want a theme that has been optimized for mobiles and speed. Its clean code and elegant design make it a great choice.

It also has a great header that can tell the customer exactly what they need to know. And it can help them navigate around your store in moments, allowing them to find what they want and purchase it in just a few steps.

The theme comes with numerous features to keep your customers engaged. There is an Ajax add to cart, wishlist, compare and quickview. These features are often sought after by customers and help to move along the customer to the checkout quicker.

Karan - Minimal Fashion Prestashop Theme Highlights:

  • Has four predefined layouts and two color schemes that can be used.
  • Is completely mobile-friendly, and is perfect for those who have customers across mobile, desktop and more.
  • Built with Bootstrap 3 and CSS3.
  • Fully integrated with Font Awesome icons.

Final Word: The 10 Fastest PrestaShop Themes

If you want to sell on PrestaShop, then you need a good, fast theme. The list above includes some of the fastest PrestaShop themes that you can use. Which you choose is up to you but they will help you sell more online. So which will you install?

If you’re looking to see what another PrestaShop is using, then use this PrestaShop theme detector.