Those who create one site often look at how they can build a second, third and other sites. There are numerous advantages to this. For one, it means that your revenues for your business as a whole can be maintained without having to rely on the traffic to one website. The more content that you have on different websites, the more traffic you’re likely to have. Another advantage is that you can market between sites. So, if you’re asking ‘how many sites can I have on Squarespace?’ then read on to find the answer.

How Many Sites can Squarespace Support?

There are lots of people who own more than one website and Squarespace is one of the best platforms for this. With a Squarespace account, you can have as many websites as you would like. Each website has its own plan on its own billing platform. So you can have payments that leave at any time of the month.

And each website on your Squarespace account can have its own plan at any level. So you can have one website that is on the personal plan and another that is on the eCommerce plan. Or you can have all your websites on the same plan. There is a lot of flexibility that is available for you on your choice.

Each website can also have 1000 pages, regardless of the plan that you’re on. This can be very beneficial because there are lots of content areas you can create. And pages include all the blog pages that you have.

Who can Use Multiple Sites on an Account?

Many different brands might want to have multiple sites on an account. For instance, agencies might consider it a great way for them to build a website for clients and host it for them. They can charge the client directly for the hosting and any other fees for managing the website. When a contract ends, the agency can also transfer the website to the client without too much fuss.

Another group that might benefit from this are affiliate marketers. They can divide their affiliate business into several sub-niches and have a website for each niche.

Management of Multiple Sites

The biggest hurdle that you’re going to have when it comes to building multiple websites is time management. You need to be sure that you have enough time for your eCommerce website, blogging website or another type of site. You should assign a time for each website every day.

The more time you can give each website, the better the performance.

You should also link to each website. This can help you add SEO elements to your website that can help it rank.

Final Word: How Many Sites Can I Have on Squarespace?

If you’re looking to have more than one Squarespace website, then you might be wondering, ‘How many sites can I have on Squarespace?’. The answer is simple, as many as you would like. Just be sure that you can manage them all.

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