A portfolio is a great way to showcase your business skills and talents to potential customers. There are numerous ways that you can add a portfolio to a WordPress website. Here are some of the options that allow you to add a portfolio to your website.

Manual Creation

If you want to use website page builder tools, then you can use these to create your own portfolio. This can be done so the style and the size of all the elements on the page are created to your specific requirements.

This has some problems, however. If you’ve not got the specific design skills, then the portfolio might not look as professional as you would get. It will also take a long time to complete the process on your website. You might have to spend five-ten hours completing the page and ensuring that it works.

You might also find that manual creation can harm your website’s mobile responsiveness.

However, a manual creation does give you more freedom, reducing coding and is a cheaper option.


Several theme options are available that will include a portfolio design within them. This can be a great option for those who want to design a website that is mostly based on the portfolio. For instance, you can be an artist, photographer or something similar that needs to showcase images on the website.

Themes can be free or premium. There might also be some themes that have a demo website that has a portfolio section. A classic example of this would be Soledad. This theme has lots of different demo sites and styles that can be used and includes portfolio websites and themes for you to use.

A theme is a good option because the style has been built into your website and makes it a lot easier for you to add the images. It also has a little less code than a plugin.


A final option is to install a plugin on your WordPress website. Many different WordPress plugins can do this for you. And there are many different ways that this can help you build a portfolio. One could be building the portfolio on an admin page and then adding a shortcode to a blog post or page.

Another option could be the custom creation of a website page that is built in a section of the website.

The advantage of a plugin is that they can sometimes contain more customisations as well as being cost-effective. However, they are adding code to your website that can increase the loading times and this can be very costly to your website. For every second that it takes to load your website, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. When the average website takes 8 to 11 seconds to load, this can add a significant cut to your website’s revenue.

Final Word: How to Add a Portfolio to WordPress?

There are some great options for adding a portfolio to your WordPress website. Whichever option you add to your website, you must be comfortable with the use of that option and know it will enhance the experience of your visitors.

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