The 404 Page Not Found error is one of the most common errors that is found on any website. If you’re experiencing this on your WordPress website, then you need to find a way to solve this. This article will detail how you can solve your 404 Page Not Found on WordPress

What is a 404 Page Not Found Error

The first thing to do is to understand the 404 Page Not Found error. This is essentially when the user enters in an address for your website that doesn’t exist and therefore there is nothing for the browser to display.

There are numerous reasons why the page might not exist. For one it could be a typo done by the user. Or a referring website might not have entered in the right address to your website. Finally, you might have had a page that you’ve deleted or changed the URL for that page.

What are the Negatives for the 404 Page Not Found Error

There are lots of reasons why you don’t want to have 404 Page Not Found error pages on your website. The first is that they often mean that the website user will disappear and you will lose potential revenue. If one person has found a page not correct, then it will harm you.

Another reason is that it can harm your WordPress SEO, though it doesn’t have as big an impact as you might think. However, the difference between being in the first three spots on Google search results page and in the bottom half, which an error like this can cause, can be as much as 90% of your traffic.

Finally, 404 errors look unprofessional and this can result in your website becoming unpopular and no gain in monthly traffic or customers.

How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on WordPress

If you’re looking to fix the 404 Page Not Found on WordPress then you need to do two things. The first is to create 301 redirects whenever someone enters in an old URL that you have now discontinued on your website. This can be done by several Plugins. You can use the Easy Redirect Manager, which is free plugin that can complete the task. Or you can Redirect Pro for WordPress.

Both of these are easy to use and great for creating the redirects for your website.

Then you will need to create a customized 404 error page. These can done with ease. Some themes have these and they will display when someone enters in the wrong URL and can sometimes suggest the next page to go to. Other times you might need to have a plugin to help you, here is a good option.

Final Word: How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found on WordPress

When you have a 404 Page Not Found error, then you need to make changes to retain the attention of your audience. Above are some of the options that you have to make your website more user friendly.

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