Coaching has become a great way for those with specific skills and knowledge to earn revenue from that. Whether you want to become a leadership coach or a business coach, then you can build this business online with a great website. If you would like to learn how to start an online coaching business, here are the instructions to help you.

Step 1 – Determine your Niche and Branding

The first thing to do is to determine your niche and branding. This can be a really simple step because you should have the knowledge already set and have experience in that area. So in addition, you might want to consider what branding you’re going to have. Think about your business name, domain name and what colors, style and more you’re going to use.

For this, you can use your name. This can be a very effective and adds a personal touch that can be very effective at coaching. You should also determine how you’re going to earn money. You can do it by the hour if you do sessions or you can do it as a monthly retainer.

Step 2 – Website Platform and Hosting

Now you need to select what platform you’re going to use for your website. There are lots of options if you’re running an online coaching business and it depends on your need. With Wix you can use their appointment setting tool and there are lots of great themes, like this one here, that can help you build a good website.

Or you can use other platforms like WordPress that has other themes that you might want to use for your website.

When you’ve chosen your platform, you might be limited on your hosting choices. If you choose Wix, then you can only use Wix for hosting. However, you can build your website for free and then move to a paid plan when you’ve created your website (although this isn’t always the best option).

If you choose WordPress, there are lots of hosting options for you, one of the best is Cloudways.

Step 3 – Build Website

Now you need to build your website. This could take a day to a few days. Remember to think of ways that you can convert traffic into subscribers or buyers. With a consulting business, you might want to use lead magnets. These can be created effectively with plugins like this one here. Lead magnets will give something free to the audience (like a one-hour coaching session or a free ebook) for their email address. Then you can email them.

In addition, ensure that you’re building good SEO into your website. Speed and proper SEO points are very important here.

When you’ve finished building your website, make sure that you test your website.

Step 4 – Marketing

Now you need to be marketing your website. SEO is going to be one of the most important elements for you. About 60-80% of your website traffic should be from your search engine optimization. There are lots of plugins you can use on your website for WordPress, like this one here. In addition, you should think about blogging. The best coaching brands release a blog post every day. These blog posts are usually 300-500 words long, although many of the top brands create content that is 1500 words long.

In addition, you should be running good social media campaigns. Facebook and LinkedIn are going to be good options for coaching. You can also use YouTube to generate a lot of traffic for your website.

For sales, email marketing is going to be a great option. The top coaching brands across the world send an email out every day. This is a short promotional piece, often offering the latest blog post, deals and advice. For every $1 that you spend on email marketing, you’re likely to generate between $38 and $44 in sales.

Final Word: How to Start an Online Coaching Business

If you want to know how to start an online coaching business, then you should look at the steps above. You can be earning in days with these plans, you just need to follow the steps above and then spend two hours a day marketing your business. If you need help with your business name and domain name, you can use the tools provided free on this website.

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