Upselling is one of the best ways for you to earn more revenue from your website. Selling more to existing customers can earn you lots more profits from your website compared to new customers. For example, it is 60-70% easier to sell to an existing customer. And it is cheaper too. For those new to Shopify, gaining a foundational understanding of what Shopify is and its capabilities, as outlined in a dedicated article, can enhance the application of these upsell strategies

By using one of the best Shopify Cart Upsell apps, you can improve the chances of upselling to customers. For a broader perspective on upselling tools, exploring a variety of the best upsell apps for Shopify can offer deeper insights into effective sales strategies.

What do Shopify Cart Upsell Apps do?

When a customer is about to complete a transaction, they are at their most impressionable, and adding a product in an upsell is super easy. Customers are feeling elated and will be more likely to add a new product, especially if the product is personalized, to the cart.

Therefore, when you use one of the Shopify Cart Upsell apps, you can increase order size and help your profits by recommending products based on where the customer is in their purchasing journey. You can sometimes personalize that recommendation and the product.

You can offer products based on what is in the cart already, what they’ve bought, or even who they are. Gaining a more detailed understanding of the upselling concept within Shopify's ecosystem can be achieved by delving into an article dedicated to explaining what Shopify upsell is.

There are also ways that you can improve sales by offering discounts for adding the product to the cart. Using this discount can be a good way to improve the uptake of the upsell. The more you sell, the more profit you will get.

You can also use urgency options to improve uptake. Urgency options include countdown timers, social proof, social notifications, and stock countdowns.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify Cart Upsell Apps boost sales with personalized product recommendations.
Some apps leverage customer data for targeted upsell offers, enhancing conversion rates.
Others use urgency tactics like countdowns to promote immediate purchases.

Best Shopify Cart Upsell Apps - Here's Our List:

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

This app makes it very easy for your customers to complete the purchase of products when they’ve already started the transaction process. The app uses known behaviors to help you improve the process by offering personalized options at exactly the right time. The app uses their existing purchases and products and selects products that are relevant to them. It then blends in natively to your product and cart page. This can include AJAX carts.

There are no annoying pop-ups used on this app. There are conditional logic settings that are perfect for your customers, keeping you happy.

The app allows you to set up lots of useful upsells, such as free, discounted, or BOGO offers. You can show/hide upsells based on the tags of the customers. You can also show multiple related products or display upsells based on the location of the customer.

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell Highlights:

  • Improved upsell experience on your website.
  • Choose the best products to upsell.
  • Select the type of customer you will upsell to.
  • Improves your website’s revenue generation with ease.

Monster Upsell

Monster Upsell

This app works with your slide cart drawer to make upselling and special offers easier to use. You can use the app to show special offers like a free gift, free shipping, or discounts if the customer adds a certain product to their cart and you can also use it to show tiered pricing, like buying two more products to get each at a lower price.

There are also ways to add a sticky add-to-cart button, frequently bought-together features, and a progress bar for free shipping.

The app allows for higher conversion rates due to the natural feeling of the upsells. There are also persuasive unlock goals that you can set for numerous products and options.

Monster Upsell Highlights:

  • Improve the conversions on your website with ease.
  • Improve revenues through effective upselling.
  • Don’t use popups or offer pages.
  • Utilize Shopify’s frequently together machine.

Monk Cart Upsell & Free Gift

Monk Cart Upsell & Free Gift

This app is a great option for those who want to sell more from their website. You can show a progress bar on your website’s theme that can showcase milestones and rewards. For instance, spend $50 and get free shipping, spend $100 and get 10% off. The details like this help you to sell more on your website through customer incentivization.

The app includes a cart page/drawer upsell and cross-sell feature. This allows you to sell to customers when they are on your cart page and getting ready to complete the transaction. This is a perfect point in which to sell. Or you can upsell after the transaction if you’re looking for it.

The app allows you to utilize an Amazon-style ‘frequently bought together’ feature that can help you create bundles on your website. There are also other options like offering free gifts to your website.

Monk Cart Upsell & Free Gift Highlights:

  • Create offers with set milestones for your customers.
  • Add upsells to your cart page.
  • Utilize an Amazon-style ‘frequently bought together’ feature on your website.
  • Offer free gifts to your website.

Sales Rocket 40 Marketing Apps

Sales Rocket 40 Marketing Apps

Sales Rocket is a great series of apps that have 40 features that can help improve your website’s performance. For instance, you can offer products at your website’s checkout for more sales. This can help you improve your website’s revenues and you can also use this without dropping your conversions through a slower speed as the website should speed up.

There are numerous other features for the website that will improve performance. For instance, you can use the countdown timer, stock countdown, shipping bar, improvements to help reduce abandoned carts, quick add-to-cart features, and more. There are also options to help you gamify your website with a spin-the-wheel game that can also help you add more emails to your marketing list.

The app can also help you with social media. You can sell to customers via Facebook chat and shoppable Instagram posts. The app is really easy to use and there is chat support that is available 24/7 should you need to use it.

Sales Rocket 40 Marketing Apps Highlights:

  • There is a fantastic currency converter that you can use.
  • Supports the website through better SEO features to drive traffic.
  • Offer products to your customers at the checkout to encourage upsells.
  • Can offer frequently bought together products.

Candy Rack - All-in-One Upsell

Candy Rack - All-in-One Upsell

This app allows you to use popups to sell products to your customers and improve the website’s revenues with ease. It takes just one click to install this app and the app also allows for one click add-to-cart popup. Therefore, you can make it easier for customers to buy more from you.

The app allows you to offer bundles for products to help you encourage more sales. The bundles can offer a discount should customers want to buy the products as a group. The app also allows you to offer premium and unique services like warranties and gift wrapping.

An intelligent AI helps to offer the best products in the upsells.

The app is so easy to install. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge or access to the developer talent pool that is often required by other platforms. There is a fantastic reputation for this app too.

Candy Rack - All-in-One Upsell Highlights

  • Customize your popups to match your specific branding.
  • You can offer bundles to your website.
  • Helps you to make the most of your upsell strategies.
  • Can use analytics to check performance.

Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy

Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy

This app is designed to improve your conversions by offering pre and post-purchase upsells. You can suggest any accessories or similar/complementary products that can help you sell more on your website and improve the customer’s experience. You can offer products that are highly recommended and that the customer is likely to see as relevant. There are ways to improve uptake with this app through urgency like FOMO and countdown timers.

There are lots of different options for both upselling and cross-selling on this app. You can also offer products as bundles that are bought together regularly. You can offer a discount to improve uptake.

There are numerous styles that you can use for the design of the output of this app. For instance, you can use styles, grids, lists, shop the look, and more options. There is also a function for a cart page upsell funnel. This has been proven to be highly converting.

Finally, there is an option for post-purchase upsells.

SellEasy Highlights

  • Upsell numerous products on your website with ease.
  • There are lots of different upsell and cross-sell options.
  • You can offer bundles of frequently bought together products.
  • Offer discounts with the upsell.

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

This app allows you to improve the order values on your website. It relies on the AI of the app to offer the best deals with upsells and cross-sells on your website. The personalized options will be based on the best-selling products that are most relevant to the customer. There are numerous ways that these can be displayed with pop-ups and discounts on offer. There are also ways to showcase offers on the cart page.

You can use FOMO options to improve uptake and conversions. For instance, there are urgency timers that you can use to achieve this.

The app is really easy to use. You don’t need any developer skills or experience to make it work on your website. As soon as you install the app on your website, you can get it to match your brand’s colors. There are also options to contact their live chat support team that can speak to you 24/7.

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell Highlights

  • There is a 30-day free trial.
  • Take the birthday of the customer to offer birthday deals.
  • Analytics to help you perfect your campaigns.
  • You can encourage your customers to socially share their purchases.

Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

Vitals is one of the most effective apps that you should be using on your website. There are forty different features that you can use on the app to help you target your audience and get them to buy more from your store. It is perfect for those who want to upsell and cross-sell to your customers. Upselling can be done on several platforms. You can upsell, for instance, at the checkout.

You can improve uptake with sales through offers and discounts. This can be very effective for bulk purchases. There is also the option to add a section for recently bought together products. This can help add social proof and social urgency to your website. You can also add exciting gamification options like Spin the wheel that can collect email addresses in exchange for a free gift.

There are lots of other helpful features available. For instance, you can import reviews from AliExpress or request new ones from existing customers. Or you can improve FOMO with ease thanks to countdown timers.

Vitals Highlights

  • Upsell in the cart and through product bundles.
  • Offer last-minute purchases at the checkout.
  • Lots of features to improve your SEO.
  • Build a marketing list with spin-the-wheel options.

One Click Upsell - Zipify OCU

One Click Upsell - Zipify OCU

Upsell pages are designed to work with high-volume stores. You can offer upsells to your customers at various points along their purchasing journey with ease. You can offer both pre and post-purchase upsells with customers and can even have customers ordering more as they enter their checkout information.

During the checkout process, offer complementary products or improve order values with product bundles that are often bought at the same time. Or you can encourage customers to upgrade their purchases, perfect for membership or service sites.

The app allows for split testing options to determine what is the best sales path for you. You can test different combinations of offers/products to see which one will maximize your revenue. This is an easy app to use. You don’t need any coding knowledge or developer skills. It is mobile-friendly and so won’t slow down your website’s loading time.

One Click Upsell - Zipify OCU Highlights

  • One-click upsells to make additional purchases easy.
  • There is a private demo to view so you can see the app in action.
  • Sell to customers at the cart, thank you page, or other areas of the website.
  • Use A/B testing to see what strategies are best for your website.

Upsell Hero • In Cart Upsell

Upsell Hero • In Cart Upsell

This app allows you to offer products related to the ones already in their cart to improve revenues in your store. All upsells can be done so you don’t interrupt the purchasing journey and are offered at three locations: on the product page, on the cart page, and after purchase.

There is a customizable popup option to help you improve upsells.You can offer discounts, bundle options, and more with a great set of tools to make this one of the top revenue-generating tools on your website.

You can amend upsells based on the location and via the customer tags. You can also target upsells based on the cart value, therefore allowing you to target your website's upsell with ease.

Upsell Hero • In Cart Upsell Highlights

  • Upsell to your customers with the most relatable products.
  • Create beautiful po-pups to catch the attention of your audience.
  • You can provide offers based on the cart value of the cart.
  • Offer upsells in three different locations.

Enhancing Shopify Cart Upsell Strategies

Understanding Customer Behavior

To optimize upsell tactics, it's crucial to understand customer behavior. Analyzing shopping patterns reveals what customers might be interested in buying in addition to their current selection. This insight guides the choice of upsell apps and offers.

  • Shopping Trends Analysis: By examining past purchases, we can predict future buying habits. This helps in tailoring upsell offers that are more likely to convert.
  • Customer Feedback Utilization: Customer reviews and feedback provide valuable insights into what additional products might interest them.
  • Segmentation Strategies: Segmenting customers based on their shopping behavior allows for more personalized upsell offers, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Streamlining the Upsell Process

Efficiency in the upsell process is key to not overwhelming customers. Streamlining the process ensures a smooth shopping experience, encouraging customers to consider the upsell offers without feeling pressured.

  • Seamless Integration: Ensuring that the upsell process is a natural part of the shopping experience is crucial. It should feel intuitive rather than intrusive.
  • Timing and Placement: The timing and placement of upsell offers can significantly impact their effectiveness. They should be strategically positioned to catch customers' attention at the right moment.
  • Simplicity and Clarity: Offers should be straightforward and easy to understand. A complicated upsell process can deter customers from making additional purchases.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Cart Upsell Apps

Here are the top 10 Shopify Cart Upsell Apps that can enhance your e-commerce site. These apps are designed to optimize your customers' shopping experience and increase sales. Which of these apps do you think will be most effective in boosting your store's revenue?

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