If you're finding it challenging to manage your Shopify store's order fulfillment process efficiently, you're certainly looking for ways to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. This article is here to guide you through selecting the right fulfillment apps that can transform your e-commerce business, making your day-to-day tasks more manageable and your customers happier.

Exploring the best 17 fulfillment apps for Shopify will equip you with the tools to handle orders more effectively, reduce shipping times, and enhance your overall business performance. These carefully selected apps are designed to cater to various needs, from inventory management to faster shipping solutions, setting you up for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify fulfillment apps are designed to streamline operations, significantly improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Advanced inventory management features in some apps effectively handle orders, reducing errors and saving valuable time.
Other apps focus on providing faster shipping solutions, directly enhancing business performance and customer delivery experiences.

Best Fulfillment Apps For Shopify - Our Lists:

Order Fulfillment Guru

Order Fulfillment Guru

Order Fulfillment Guru, crafted exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus users, empowers you to divide and dispatch orders to various entities without any hassle. It boasts sophisticated rules capable of handling orders involving multiple vendors or warehouses effortlessly. Moreover, Order Fulfillment Guru facilitates the synchronization of orders, products, and inventory across Shopify storefronts, thereby negating the necessity for an alternative platform.

The service's pricing model includes both recurring and usage-based fees, billed in USD every 30 days. Entrepreneurs can kick-start their journey with a free plan, complemented by a 14-day trial period. Distinguished by an impeccable 5.0 rating and glowing customer reviews praising its user-friendliness and efficiency in addressing elaborate order routing needs, Order Fulfillment Guru emerges as the premier choice for your e-commerce venture.

Order Fulfillment Guru Highlights:

  • Designed exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus, ensuring a seamless integration.
  • Streamlined order routing manages multivendor/warehouse orders seamlessly.
  • Syncs orders, products, and inventory across Shopify stores, reducing platform dependencies.
  • Accessible free plan with a 14-day trial for testing extensive features.



Fulfillrite specializes in offering exhaustive order fulfillment services tailored for both eCommerce and crowdfunding ventures. The integration with Shopify is streamlined for automatic order importing, ensuring that the pick, pack, and ship process is executed promptly for every customer. Added to this, personalized email notifications with tracking information keep both store owners and customers in the loop.

Orders placed before 2 PM benefit from same-day shipping, while the real-time tracking of orders and inventory, along with discounted shipping rates and a dedicated client portal, streamline the management of orders and inventory effectively. For transparent pricing tailored to individual business needs, Fulfillrite encourages direct contact.

Fulfillrite Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with Shopify for automated order importing.
  • Same-day shipping for orders received by 2 PM, ensuring quick delivery times.
  • Real-time tracking of orders and inventory, providing up-to-date information.
  • Personalized email notifications with tracking information for enhanced customer service.
  • Discounted shipping rates, making it cost-effective for businesses.
  • A dedicated client portal for streamlined order and inventory management.

EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill

EZ Fulfill offers robust automation features and bulk updating capabilities that significantly enhance efficiency. With EZ Fulfill, you can easily bulk update tracking numbers and fulfill orders using CSV or Excel files, simplifying the management of large volumes of orders. The app's scheduler feature supports automated bulk updates and fulfillment, saving valuable time and reducing manual effort.

Furthermore, EZ Fulfill accommodates a variety of automation methods, including FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, or Amazon S3, offering flexibility in how you manage your fulfillment operations. Its compatibility with multiple 3PL and supplier file formats, along with support for multiple locations, makes setting up various data feeds straightforward. Explore the different pricing plans offered by EZ Fulfill, starting with a 7-day free trial, to find the perfect match for your e-commerce needs.

EZ Fulfill Highlights:

  • Allows for bulk updating of tracking numbers and orders via CSV or Excel files.
  • Features an automated scheduler for convenient bulk updates and fulfillment.
  • Enables automation via FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.
  • Compatible with diverse 3PL and supplier file formats for easy setup of data feeds.
  • Supports multiple locations, ideal for businesses with extensive operations.

ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment

ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment

Optimize your Shopify order fulfillment process with ChinaDivision's efficient inventory management and seamless integration capabilities. ChinaDivision offers a straightforward pricing structure with free installation and the option for free warehousing or $20/CBM per month. All charges are billed in USD for transparency.

With an impressive overall rating of 4.9, ChinaDivision has garnered positive feedback for its ability to handle high-volume orders, automation features, and integration with major platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. Users appreciate the responsive support team, user-friendly interface, and easy setup process. Testimonials highlight the positive impact on businesses, enabling a reduction in day-to-day workload and a focus on growth and customer service.

ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment Highlights:

  • Efficient inventory management
  • Seamless integration with major platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon
  • Responsive support team
  • Free installation with the option for free warehousing



Envia application streamlines your logistics by allowing efficient integration with your ecommerce platform, providing customizable tracking options, and automating shipping rules for an enhanced operational flow. With Envia, you gain the flexibility to offer a variety of shipping solutions including same-day or on-demand services, alongside the ability to compare and select the most suitable courier services for your needs, be it Express, Ground, or Time-based shipping.

Envia extends its reach globally, covering over 195 countries, thus ensuring your e-commerce business can expand its reach far and wide. Designed to cater to a diverse range of business sizes and types, Envia stands out for its versatility in pricing options and has garnered positive customer feedback for its cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Envia Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with ecommerce platforms for streamlined logistics.
  • Customizable tracking pages and automated shipping rules.
  • Broad global coverage, extending to more than 195 countries.
  • Offers a variety of shipping solutions, including same-day or on-demand shipping.
  • Ability to compare and select from a wide range of courier services based on specific needs.
  • Positive customer feedback highlights its cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.



ShipMonk platform is renowned for its comprehensive suite of integrations and dedication to efficient fulfillment operations, catering to the unique needs of eCommerce and direct-to-consumer brands. With over 75 integrations, ShipMonk facilitates effortless connection to online stores, while its in-house fulfillment centers are powered by state-of-the-art software to ensure seamless order processing.

Clients benefit from access to discounted carrier shipping rates, and the platform's proactive shipping strategies are designed to optimize both order and inventory management. ShipMonk's transparent billing, exceptional customer support, and a team of dedicated Happiness Engineers underscore its commitment to stress-free business growth, as evidenced by its high user satisfaction ratings.

ShipMonk Highlights:

  • Over 75 integrations for easy store connections across various eCommerce platforms.
  • Discounted carrier shipping rates to save on costs and maintain competitiveness.
  • Transparent billing and top-tier customer service for clear, prompt assistance.
  • Dedicated Happiness Engineers provide personalized, proactive support for efficient order and inventory management.
  • High user ratings attest to user-friendly interface and responsive customer service.

Easy Fulfillment

Easy Fulfillment

For Shopify store managers seeking a streamlined solution to efficiently fulfill bulk orders while automatically generating tracking links for both custom and local carriers, Easy Fulfillment stands out as a highly valuable tool. This feature within Fulfillment Apps for Shopify simplifies the bulk order fulfillment process, enabling automatic tracking link generation for carriers not typically supported.

Whether you opt for manual fulfillment or prefer to bulk process orders through CSV/XLS files, Easy Fulfillment accommodates your needs. It also allows for the addition of custom carriers and splits orders into parcels for item-specific handling, boosting the overall efficiency of your fulfillment operations.

Easy Fulfillment Highlights:

  • Streamlines bulk order fulfillment with manual or CSV/XLS processing.
  • Automatically creates tracking links for custom and local carriers, improving post-purchase experience.
  • Custom carrier support for tailored fulfillment.
  • Splits orders into parcels, specifying items for increased efficiency and accuracy.



The essence of Fulfillempire's service is encapsulated in its dropshipping brand logo, which adds a layer of professionalism to your business. The tax-free advantage is a significant financial benefit, streamlining your operations and allowing for cost savings.

Moreover, its reputation for no delays, especially in March, showcases its reliability and commitment to consistent service. Opting for Fulfillempire means enjoying a user-friendly platform that not only simplifies your fulfillment tasks but also supports the growth and expansion of your business. It's a partnership that emphasizes efficiency and customer satisfaction at every step.

Fulfillempire Highlights:

  • Provides a streamlined fulfillment process, enhancing the efficiency of your operations.
  • Offers a tax-free advantage, allowing significant cost savings for your business.
  • Reliable service commitment with no delays for consistent customer satisfaction.
  • Professional dropshipping brand logo for a polished business appearance.
  • User-friendly platform supports business growth with efficiency.

Bulk Fulfill by Upatra

Bulk Fulfill by Upatra

This feature allows for the smooth updating of fulfillment statuses through CSV files, catering to both order numbers and variant SKUs. Merchants need to populate the CSV files with essential details such as Order Number, Tracking Number, SKU, and Quantity for swift processing. Additionally, it provides the option to incorporate your own Tracking URL, ensuring comprehensive order tracking capabilities.

This tool is specially designed to enhance the operational fluency for small to medium-sized Shopify merchants, streamlining the bulk order fulfillment process with its user-friendly interface and versatile tracking number management.

Bulk Fulfill by Upatra Highlights:

  • Simplifies bulk order fulfillment with easy-to-use CSV file uploads.
  • Offers flexibility in managing tracking numbers and detailed order tracking.
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface for streamlined operations.

Auto Fulfill

Auto Fulfill

Auto Fulfill revolutionizes the order fulfillment process for Shopify stores by automating the routing of orders to vendors, managing dropship suppliers, and streamlining overall order fulfillment operations. This powerful feature in Fulfillment Apps for Shopify automates sending orders to vendors, populating inbound tracking information, and directly sending unfulfilled order data to vendor suppliers.

By leveraging Vendor links or Google Sheets, Auto Fulfill makes the fulfillment process seamless and efficient. It also includes packing slips and Fulfillment reports, enabling businesses to effectively track amounts owed to vendors. With the capability to bulk fulfill orders using Excel, Auto Fulfill can save businesses up to 90% on time and money spent on order routing, significantly enhancing e-commerce operations.

Auto Fulfill Highlights:

  • Automates the process of sending orders to vendors and managing dropship suppliers.
  • Includes packing slips and Fulfillment reports for efficient tracking of amounts owed to vendors.
  • Offers significant savings of up to 90% on time and money spent on order routing.
  • Utilizes Vendor links or Google Sheets for seamless automation of the fulfillment process.
  • Enables bulk fulfillment of orders using Excel, streamlining the order fulfillment process.



This app offers a pricing model that includes a complimentary plan for up to 3000 orders, with additional orders being fulfilled at a nominal cost of $0.01 each, or an unlimited plan at $29/month for more extensive needs. It supports partial fulfillment and seamlessly integrates with any 3PL courier, making it a versatile tool for diverse shipping requirements.

The app has received high praise from customers, evidenced by its 4.5-star overall rating. FulfillSync enhances the fulfillment process with its auto-matching of order numbers and the capability to import order files from multiple sources, proving to be an invaluable asset for e-commerce businesses aiming to optimize their operations.

FulfillSync Highlights:

  • Includes a free plan for up to 3000 orders, facilitating cost-effective adoption.
  • Enables partial fulfillment, offering greater flexibility in managing order processing.
  • Earns a solid 4.5-star rating, indicating high satisfaction.
  • Automates order matching and imports files for streamlined fulfillment.

Cahoot Fulfillment

Cahoot Fulfillment

Cahoot Fulfillment shines as the premier selection for Shopify merchants seeking top-notch DTC 3PL services that combine speedy delivery with cost-effectiveness. With Cahoot, merchants can take advantage of complimentary setup and a variety of pricing structures designed to meet diverse needs, all while billing in USD.

Elevate your customer satisfaction with swift 1- and 2-day shipping options, thanks to Cahoot's exceptional network that guarantees both affordability and excellence in service. Relish in the assurance of 99.95% punctual shipments and flawless picking accuracy. Furthermore, Cahoot offers comprehensive oversight of your inventory, orders, and shipments, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Supported by a dedicated US-based customer service team, any questions or concerns are swiftly resolved, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business with the peace of mind that your fulfillment requirements are in capable hands.

Cahoot Fulfillment Highlights:

  • Free setup and flexible pricing plans cater to various business sizes and needs.
  • Choice of 1- and 2-day shipping enhances satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Near-perfect on-time shipment rate and picking accuracy ensure reliable order fulfillment.
  • Complete visibility into inventory, orders, and shipments for improved operational control.
  • Responsive US-based customer support ensures quick issue resolution.

ShipBob Fulfillment

ShipBob Fulfillment

Catering to both direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-business (B2B) brands worldwide, ShipBob offers top-notch logistics solutions across all sales channels. With its extensive network of over 40 warehouses in 6 countries and a full suite of customization options for branding, ShipBob adeptly handles B2B/Wholesale orders and ensures retailer compliance.

Key offerings include same-day shipping for prompt deliveries, a Customization Suite for personalized unboxing experiences, duties-paid shipping options to facilitate global expansion, and comprehensive management of B2B/EDI compliance to foster retail growth. Moreover, ShipBob provides free Shopify integration and REST APIs for ERPs, guaranteeing a streamlined and effective fulfillment process for e-commerce enterprises.

ShipBob Fulfillment Highlights

  • Same-day shipping options ensure timely delivery to customers.
  • Customization Suite allows for unique and memorable unboxing experiences.
  • Free Shopify integration and REST APIs for easy connection with ERPs.
  • Global presence with 40+ warehouses across 6 countries facilitates international expansion.
  • Duties-paid shipping options available for hassle-free global shipping.
  • Comprehensive B2B/EDI compliance management supports retail growth.

Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF: US Fulfillment

Ideal for Shopify store owners seeking efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment, Amazon MCF offers streamlined processes and fast delivery options to enhance customer satisfaction. With simple and predictable pricing structures, easy onboarding, and an auto-SKU mapping feature, you can quickly integrate this service into your e-commerce operations. Customer reviews highlight the app's ease of use, efficient order processing, and reliable integration with Amazon's system, resulting in faster delivery times.

Enjoy benefits like delivering products in 2, 3, or 5 business days, support for multiple stores and inventory locations, and seamless order management through Shopify integration. Experience improved speed and efficiency in order processing, reduced delivery times, and enhanced inventory management with Amazon MCF.

Amazon MCF Highlights:

  • Easy onboarding process and auto-SKU mapping feature for quick integration.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through efficient order processing and reliable system integration.
  • Delivering products in 2, 3, or 5 business days.
  • Support for multiple stores and inventory locations.
  • Seamless order management through Shopify integration.


ShipRelay Fulfillment

Offering customizable software solutions and global inventory syncing capabilities, ShipRelay provides you with the tools needed to efficiently manage your fulfillment operations. The collaboration with B2B brands ensures that your fulfillment processes are streamlined and optimized for maximum efficiency.

The custom software controls cater to various distribution needs, providing a tailored solution for your specific requirements. The global inventory syncing feature is particularly noteworthy, ensuring that your inventory remains synchronized across all sales channels, reducing the risk of overselling or stockouts.

With ShipRelay, enhancing your brand identity and streamlining your fulfillment processes for a seamless e-commerce experience has never been easier.

ShipRelay Highlights:

  • Efficient collaboration with B2B brands for optimized fulfillment.
  • Custom software controls catering to various distribution needs.
  • Comprehensive customization suite for enhancing brand identity.
  • Global inventory syncing capabilities to reduce the risk of overselling or stockouts.



ShipHero Fulfillment stands out as a key solution for eCommerce businesses aiming to enhance their fulfillment process, boasting a rapid average delivery time of 3.5 days. This Shopify app relieves business owners of warehouse management hassles by offering a solid infrastructure across eight North American locations. Thanks to ShipHero's sophisticated load balancing and inventory management, businesses can effectively manage stock levels to meet customer demands.

The app boosts its appeal with a feature set designed to streamline shipping. ShipHero sets itself apart with not just quicker shipping but also smooth integration with major eCommerce platforms like Etsy, Amazon, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, allowing for streamlined fulfillment operations via a single interface.

Moreover, ShipHero enhances customer trust with detailed pre- and post-shipment tracking through PostHero and ParcelView, ensuring transparency from order placement to delivery.

ShipHero Highlights:

  • Efficient order fulfillment ensures streamlined process.
  • Seamlessly integrate your Shopify store with ShipHero.
  • Gain complete control over inventory with advanced tracking.
  • Offer customers speedy delivery through various shipping options.
  • Access dedicated support from ShipHero experts for quick issue resolution.

Accelpay Fulfillment

Accelpay FulFillment

Accelpay Fulfillment offers a specialized solution for alcohol brands, enabling them to sell directly to consumers in a legal and compliant manner. This Shopify app simplifies the complex web of regulations surrounding alcohol shipping, ensuring brands can navigate state-specific laws effortlessly. By facilitating fulfillment to over 42 states, Accelpay ensures a wide-reaching distribution network for alcohol products.

The app boasts dynamic routing of orders, directing them to the retailer closest to the customer, optimizing delivery times and costs. It also offers the flexibility to split orders between merchandise and alcohol, allowing for separate fulfillment partners. This seamless integration into the Shopify admin makes managing direct-to-consumer sales straightforward and efficient for alcohol brands.

Accelpay Fulfillment Highlights:

  • Accelpay Fulfillment ensures legal direct-to-consumer alcohol sales, complying with state regulations.
  • Ship alcohol to 42+ states, broadening distribution.
  • Dynamic order routing sends orders from the nearest retailer for efficient delivery.
  • Split orders for separate merchandise and alcohol fulfillment by different partners.
  • Shopify-integrated Accelpay simplifies alcohol brands' direct sales management.

Choosing Fulfillment Apps For Shopify

Key Consideration Factors

Consider key factors when choosing a Shopify fulfillment app. First, review pricing to match your budget, including installation and ongoing fees. Then, examine features like order tracking, inventory management, and automation for efficiency.

Check customer reviews for reliability and support. Ensure seamless integration with Shopify and other platforms. Lastly, assess scalability and customization for future growth and unique needs.

Pricing and Billing

When choosing a Shopify fulfillment app, analyzing pricing and billing is crucial for cost-effectiveness and financial clarity. These apps often provide free installation but charge usage-based fees in USD, which can fluctuate based on your usage.

Various pricing tiers offer different features, with recurring billing typically every 30 days. Opting for a transparent pricing structure aids in effective budgeting and understanding associated costs.

Features Comparison

When selecting a Shopify fulfillment app, focus on features for streamlined order processing and inventory management. Prioritize automation to save time and enhance operations.

Look for bulk order processing, tracking number generation, and integration with multiple carriers for diverse shipping options. Ensure support for split orders, multi-location fulfillment, and custom carrier setups for flexibility. Verify real-time inventory tracking and seamless order management for uninterrupted business flow.

Integration Options

Prioritize evaluating fulfillment apps' integration options for Shopify to ensure seamless connectivity with your store, facilitating smooth order processing. Look for flexible integration methods like APIs, CSV files, or direct platform connections. Evaluate the app's ability to sync orders, inventory, and tracking information effortlessly, ensuring compatibility with other essential tools or platforms for your eCommerce operations.

Support Availability

Prioritize support availability when selecting fulfillment apps for Shopify to ensure seamless order processing and shipping. Opt for those with 24/7 support for prompt issue resolution, minimizing downtime and enhancing efficiency.

Look for apps offering diverse support channels like live chat, email, or phone assistance, along with detailed FAQs or knowledge bases for independent troubleshooting. Consider options with multilingual support to better serve your diverse customer base and boost satisfaction levels.

User-Friendly Interface

Prioritize a streamlined user interface when choosing Shopify fulfillment apps for efficient order management. An intuitive design and clear layout enhance ease of operation, while simple controls and visual cues aid in quick task completion. Accessible help guides further enhance user-friendliness, improving productivity and overall customer experience.

Efficiency Enhancements

Prioritize efficiency in Shopify fulfillment apps to streamline order processing and reduce manual tasks. Seek automation features to accelerate fulfillment and optimize shipping with advanced order routing algorithms.

Real-time inventory tracking and integration with multiple sales channels and carriers ensure accurate stock levels and centralized order management, boosting efficiency.

Conclusion: 17 Best Fulfillment Apps For Shopify

Exploring these top 17 fulfillment apps for Shopify marks a significant step towards enhancing your e-commerce operations. By selecting the right tools, you're not only poised to simplify your order fulfillment process but also to elevate the shopping experience for your customers.

It's essential to pick an app that aligns with your business objectives and operational needs. Remember, the right choice can lead to remarkable improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction, setting the stage for your business's growth and success.

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