If your online store isn't performing as well as you hoped, choosing the right Shopify theme can be a pivotal step towards turning that around. You might be wondering how to select a theme that not only looks good but also enhances user experience and boosts sales. This guide is designed to direct you towards themes that have been crafted with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, helping you make an informed decision that could significantly impact your store's success.

Exploring these top 17 converting Shopify themes will give you insight into what features to look for and how they align with your brand and customer needs. Each theme is chosen for its ability to enhance the shopping experience, making your site not just a place to shop, but a seamless part of your customer's journey. Get ready to transform your online store into a sales powerhouse by selecting a theme that resonates with your target audience.

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Key Takeaways
Converting Shopify Themes are designed to optimize online stores for higher sales and better performance.
Some themes offer advanced functionality aimed at improving the shopping experience and integrating seamlessly into the customer's journey.
Selecting a theme that resonates with your target audience is crucial for transforming your online store into a sales powerhouse.

Best Converting Shopify Themes - Our Lists:



Elevate your online store with the Eurus, an Ecommerce Website Template designed to optimize sales through a mobile-first approach and EU translations. Priced at $220 USD, this theme integrates key features like a store locator, event calendar, age verifier, and countdown timer to enhance conversions.

It supports multiple languages including EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, and comes equipped with a 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product labels, Pop-ups, and Flash sale options to improve both user experience and SEO. Before committing, take advantage of a free trial period, and easily customize your site with over 35 powerful sections and 70+ templates.

Eurus Highlights:

  • Multi-language support (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) catering to a diverse customer base.
  • Mobile-first approach ensuring an optimal shopping experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • Mega menu, product labels, pop-ups, and flash sale options for user engagement and conversions.
  • Essential features include a store locator, event calendar, age verifier, and countdown timer.
  • Over 35 powerful sections and 70+ templates for extensive customization.
  • Free trial period available for testing before purchase.



Atlantic stands out for businesses dedicated to bolstering their online sales with its visually appealing design and a host of innovative features. Priced at $280 USD for Version 18.0.0 released on Feb 14, 2024, this template is equipped with cutting-edge functionalities such as a store locator, age verifier, countdown timer, quick view, and stock counter. It supports an unlimited free trial and comes with example presets like Organic, Plush, Chic, Light, and Modern, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences.

The addition of new features like scheduled gift card sending and filter swatches for collection and search result filtering ensures the template remains up-to-date, providing continuous support and maintenance through regular updates. Its design and product discovery tools, including image zoom and live search, are specifically praised for facilitating the growth of medium to large product catalogs.

Atlantic Highlights:

  • Enhances user experience with a store locator, age verifier, countdown timer, quick view, and stock counter.
  • Ensures continuous support and maintenance with regular updates and new feature introductions.
  • Improves product discovery and customer engagement with scheduled gift card sending and filter swatches.
  • Offers an unlimited free trial with diverse example presets for customizable aesthetics.
  • Praised for its classic and streamlined design, ideal for expanding medium to large product catalogs.



Symmetry boasts a suite of premium features, including EU translations support, making it a perfect fit for a variety of store types. From a countdown timer, color swatches, to quick view and stock counter, it's equipped with everything needed to boost sales.

The theme is crafted by experienced Shopify Theme Partners, ensuring a responsive design and seamless user experience with a size chart feature. Its latest update, version 7.1.2, brings further refinements, bug fixes, and improved compatibility, all provided by Clean Canvas Ltd.

With a one-time payment of $360, this theme offers continuous support, documentation, and free stock photos for customization, ensuring it meets Shopify's performance standards for an optimal online shopping experience.

Symmetry Highlights:

  • Premium design with versatile features for top-notch user experience.
  • Multiple EU translations and robust filters for diverse store needs.
  • Ongoing support, updates, and bug fixes for optimal performance.
  • Responsive design and size chart for seamless cross-device use.
  • One-time payment covers support, documentation, and free stock photos.



If you're in search of a Shopify theme that combines versatility in design with a smooth mobile shopping experience, Kala is your go-to choice. This theme is loaded with over 70 uniquely designed sections, offering more than 40 preset homepage layouts tailored for various niche stores, alongside multiple product page layouts. Kala hands you the reins to tailor your online store to align perfectly with your brand identity.

This multi-purpose theme is fine-tuned for Google PageSpeed and SEO, ensuring your site isn't just visually appealing but also ranks well. Supported by 24/7 customer service, comprehensive documentation, and consistent theme updates, Kala stands as a steadfast ally for e-commerce ventures aiming to elevate their digital footprint.

Kala Highlights:

  • Features over 70 uniquely designed sections for extensive customization.
  • Comes with 40+ preset homepage layouts specific to different niche stores.
  • Enhanced for Google PageSpeed and SEO to ensure high performance and visibility.
  • Backed by 24/7 support, detailed documentation, and regular updates for a seamless experience.



When seeking a Shopify theme primed for maximizing online sales, Expression stands out with its user-friendly features and multilingual support. Priced at $280 USD, it offers EU translations in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. With a release of Version 8.2.0 on Jan 29, 2024, this theme includes handy features like a store locator, color swatches, stock counter, and breadcrumbs.

You can enjoy an unlimited free trial before making a one-time payment upon publishing. The theme boasts an enlarged screenshot in a lightbox, customizable sidebar, mini collection cards, and editorial-style image & text columns. Additionally, it comes equipped with SEO tools, flexible sections, promotions, and advanced product filters, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

Expression Highlights:

  • Offers EU translations in multiple languages for broader audience reach.
  • Robust features like store locator, color swatches, and stock counter enhance user experience.
  • SEO tools, flexible sections, and advanced product filters help optimize online sales.
  • Unlimited free trial available before one-time payment upon publishing.
  • Includes an enlarged screenshot in a lightbox for better product presentation.



Priced at $380 USD, this template offers a blend of modern design elements and versatile functionalities that cater to a wide spectrum of ecommerce needs. It supports EU translations in multiple languages, enhancing its appeal to a global audience. Key features such as a store locator, age verifier, countdown timer, and color swatches elevate the user experience, making navigation seamless and intuitive. With over 20 sections available across the site, alongside product sales points and metafields, customization is both straightforward and extensive.

The theme also boasts quick view, sales points, metafields, size and price sidebar filters, subcollections, and video capabilities, providing a rich and engaging shopping environment. Additionally, it meets Shopify's performance standards, ensuring a fast and reliable shopping experience for your customers.

Impulse Highlights:

  • Versatile custom promotion designer and modern design elements for a visually appealing storefront.
  • Flexible and fashionable design with powerful promotions.
  • Supports EU translations in multiple languages for a global reach.
  • Enhanced user experience with store locator, age verifier, countdown timer, and color swatches.
  • Customize extensively with over 20 sections, product sales points, and metafields.
  • Engage shoppers with quick view, sales points, metafields, sidebar filters, subcollections, and video capabilities.
  • Meets Shopify's performance standards for a faster shopping experience.



Priced at $220 USD and upgraded to version 7.2.0 on Jan 18, 2024, it showcases retina-ready elements ideal for Amsterdam businesses desiring a sleek, professional design. This theme includes features like Age verifier, Countdown timer, Color swatches, Quick view, and Breadcrumbs, tailored for ecommerce websites.

With responsive design for mobile compatibility and example presets like Amsterdam, Austin, Montreal, and Melbourne, it ensures a seamless shopping experience. The theme's clean appearance and efficient tech support, coupled with an unlimited free trial, have garnered user praise.

Supported by Out of the Sandbox, it boosts brand trust and shoppability through beautiful testimonial sections and featured product callouts.

Retina Highlights:

  • Retina-ready elements for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Mobile compatibility ensured through responsive design.
  • Features like Age verifier, Countdown timer, and Color swatches cater to diverse ecommerce needs.
  • Includes efficient tech support and an unlimited free trial.
  • Beautiful testimonial sections and featured product callouts enhance brand trust and shoppability.
  • Supported by Out of the Sandbox, known for reliable theme support.



Mavon is meticulously crafted for the fashion industry, offering an unparalleled Ecommerce Website Template experience. It boasts advanced filtering options and color swatches, designed to enhance the overall shopping experience and boost online sales effectively. With the inclusion of EU translations, a store locator, countdown timer, and quick view options, this theme ensures a smooth and engaging customer journey from browsing to purchase.

The update to version 5.1.0 introduced swatches to collections and improved search filters, significantly facilitating product discovery and selection. Enhanced filter support employing the AND operator and metaobject references further streamlines product browsing, making it more intuitive.

Priced at $280 USD for a non-expiring license applicable to one store, Mavon presents a cost-efficient solution to elevate the presence of any online fashion store. Stay ahead with ongoing updates and new demos, keeping your site contemporary and maximizing efficiency for an optimal shopping environment.

Mavon Highlights:

  • Advanced filtering and color swatches provide an exceptional user experience.
  • A one-time payment ensures a non-expiring license, offering long-term value.
  • Regular updates maintain website modernity and efficiency.
  • Features like EU translations, store locator, countdown timer, and quick view improve shopping.
  • Improved product visibility and selection with updated collection swatches and search filters.



Designed to cater to an extensive array of online stores, from fashion and jewelry to electronics and shoes, Korando stands out with its contemporary, responsive design that guarantees a flawless user experience across all devices.

Built on the latest version of Shopify and featuring RTL support, this theme is adaptable to a wide variety of online retail needs. With over 5 homepage layouts and more than 15 preloader options at your disposal, customization is easy, allowing your brand's unique style to shine through. Opt for Korando to take your online store to new heights with its sleek and intuitive design.

Korando Highlights:

  • Boasts a modern and responsive design for an optimal user experience on any device.
  • Versatile theme suitable for various online stores like fashion, electronics, furniture, and accessories.
  • Offers numerous homepage layouts and preloader options for extensive customization.
  • Developed on Shopify's latest version with RTL support, ensuring wide adaptability.



At $260 USD, this masonry-style template is perfect for contemporary brands. It features a store locator, age verifier, quick view, in-menu promos, and mega menu support, catering to a variety of needs. The latest version 6.2.0, released on Feb 14, 2024, brings new enhancements like a scheduled send option for gift cards and filter swatches for more intuitive collection and search results filtering.

Supported by Pixel Union, this theme offers a modern masonry layout design, an enlarged screenshot in a lightbox, and a multi-column menu with a quick shop feature, making it suitable for stores of all sizes.

Grid  Highlights:

  • Modern masonry-style layout ideal for contemporary brands.
  • Store locator, age verifier, quick view, and in-menu promos enhance shopping.
  • Supported by Pixel Union, ensuring reliable support and updates.
  • Version 6.2.0 adds scheduled send for gift cards and filter swatches for collection/search.
  • A multi-column menu with quick shop feature caters to all store sizes.



Launched on Feb 21, 2024, and available for $360 USD, this template is a comprehensive solution for ecommerce businesses aiming for growth. It boasts captivating visuals and supports EU translations across multiple languages, ensuring a global reach. The inclusion of features like an age verifier, countdown timer, color swatches, and a quick view option are tailored to keep customers engaged.

Optimized for mobile use, it presents stylish scrolling text, thumb-friendly menus, and an array of tools including size charts, slideshows, and product filters for a seamless browsing experience. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, the theme offers a compact Product Preview modal, has received high positive ratings, and is regularly updated for compatibility.

With an unlimited free trial, a one-time payment, and a non-expiring license for single-store usage, this theme promises a substantial return on investment.

Streamline Highlights:

  • Enhances user experience and boosts sales with visuals and multilingual support.
  • Includes features like age verification, countdown timer, color swatches, and quick view.
  • Mobile-optimized with scrolling text, thumb-friendly menus, and browsing tools.
  • Focuses on customer experience with compact Product Preview modal, high ratings, and updates.
  • Offers unlimited free trial, one-time payment, and non-expiring license for single-store use.



For those aspiring to elevate their online store's visual appeal and functionality, Parallax emerges as a premier choice among ecommerce website templates. Version 6.1.0, unveiled on July 6, 2023, at a price of $240 USD, incorporates a blend of captivating design elements and cutting-edge features.

This theme is celebrated for its parallax scrolling effect, offering a dynamic browsing experience, and includes practical tools such as EU translations, a store locator, an age verifier, color swatches, and a quick view option. The addition of a Gift card recipient form and a Follow on Shop button further enriches its utility.

Aspen's commitment to versatility is evident through its unlimited free trials, consistent updates, and broad customization possibilities, empowering you to craft a unique site that resonates with your brand identity. Its responsive framework promises a fluid user experience across various devices, complemented by dedicated customer support to address any inquiries.

Parallax Highlights:

  • Parallax scrolling effect for an engaging visual experience.
  • Comprehensive features including EU translations, store locator, age verifier, color swatches, and quick view.
  • Recent updates introduce a Gift card recipient form and Follow on Shop button, enhancing user engagement.
  • Unlimited free trials and regular updates ensure your site remains current.
  • Extensive customization options let you align the website with your brand's unique vision.



Consider the Woodstock for a visually appealing and versatile option that enhances your online sales potential. This modern, fully responsive, and retina-ready WooCommerce theme is perfect for a broad array of shops including electronics, clothing, furniture, accessories, and watches.

Its compatibility with WordPress 6.x and WooCommerce 8.x ensures a seamless online shopping experience for your customers. The theme's import function facilitates easy customization by allowing the replacement of demo images with blanks. For just $59, the regular license grants you access to a theme quality checked by Envato, along with future updates included in the package.

Woodstock Highlights:

  • Responsive, retina-ready design for seamless shopping on all devices.
  • Versatile for electronics, clothing, furniture, accessories, and watches.
  • Compatible with WordPress 6.x and WooCommerce 8.x for smooth operation.
  • Easily customizable via import function to replace demo images.
  • Regular $59 license includes Envato quality assurance and future updates.



Designed to optimize sales and improve the shopping experience, Boost comes loaded with features that cater to both the aesthetic and functional demands of modern ecommerce sites. From EU translations and a store locator to color swatches, quick view, and in-menu promos, it provides extensive customization options that allow you to showcase your brand uniquely and effectively.

Additionally, the inclusion of Section Groups and Search Suggestions further enhances the user experience by making navigation and product discovery seamless. Performance-tested to ensure faster shopping experiences, Boost also grants access to high-resolution photos from Shopify Burst, ensuring your site always looks professional.

With continuous updates provided for free, it promises to keep your online store at the forefront of ecommerce innovation.

Boost Highlights:

  • Extensive customization options to effectively showcase brand personality.
  • Regular updates ensure compatibility with latest Shopify features.
  • Free access to high-res photos from Shopify Burst enhances store visuals.
  • Features like EU translations, store locator, color swatches, quick view, and in-menu promos boost sales.
  • Supports Section Groups and Search Suggestions for better navigation and product discovery.
  • Performance-tested for faster shopping experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction.



This template, priced at $300 USD and released in version 12.2.1 on Jan 31, 2024, is crafted to boost conversion rates and ensure a seamless shopping journey for your customers. It's fully optimized for mobile use, enabling fast, convenient shopping from any device, and includes support for multiple EU languages, broadening your market reach.

Key features such as a store locator, age verifier, countdown timer, and color swatches address a wide range of customer preferences. With over 1,000 positive reviews, you can trust in the quality and effectiveness of this Shopify theme.

Enjoy free support, lifetime updates, and continuous enhancements including visual filter swatch metaobjects, improved page speed through fetchpriority attributes, and an engaging hover-to-play video feature, all ensuring your store remains at the forefront of ecommerce innovation.

Testament Highlights:

  • Designed to enhance conversion rates and provide a seamless shopping experience.
  • Mobile optimization ensures fast shopping on any device.
  • Supports EU translations, offering a broader international reach.
  • Includes store locator, age verifier, countdown timer, and color swatches for diverse needs.
  • Backed by 1,000+ positive reviews, free support, and lifetime updates from Shopify's trusted partner.
  • Continuous enhancements and Shopify's performance standards ensure top-tier shopping.
  • Additional features like visual filter swatch metaobjects and hover-to-play video boost engagement.



Wokiee offers a comprehensive suite of tools and modules for creating fast, responsive, and mobile-ready websites with superior user experience. Wokiee's versatility is showcased through its wide array of layouts and styles, designed to meet diverse structural and aesthetic requirements. This theme simplifies web development and design cost reduction by leveraging Shopify CMS, allowing for easy navigation, content, and image management.

Key features include automatic image resizing for consistency, Bootstrap 4 framework for responsive design, customizable color schemes, RTL language support, Slider Revolution for dynamic slides, and multi-language localization. Wokiee ensures user-friendliness with one-click installation, offering numerous homepage and product page layouts, collection page variants, header and footer options, megamenu, 3D/video integration, and more, making it an all-encompassing theme for creating professional online stores.

Wokiee Highlights:

  • Wokiee is a premium Shopify theme for fast, responsive, and mobile-ready e-commerce sites.
  • Offers diverse layouts and styles for customized web structures.
  • Includes automatic image resizing and Bootstrap 4 for responsive design.
  • Supports RTL languages, dynamic slides with Slider Revolution, and multi-language sites.
  • Simplifies development with one-click installation and customizable pages.



The Broadcast Shopify theme is a robust, feature-rich platform priced at $360, designed to enhance e-commerce sales, especially for high-volume and physical stores. Updated to version 5.5.0 in February 2024, it supports multiple EU languages and is optimized for quick setup, mobile use, and high-speed performance.

Key features include countdown timers, color swatches, stock counters, and promotional tools, alongside over 20+ sections for easy site customization, such as About and FAQ pages. Unique selling points like one-click add to cart, product upsells, and a suite of promotional features make Broadcast stand out, offering a seamless shopping experience and a comprehensive toolkit for online store enhancement.

Broadcast Highlights:

  • Fast, responsive, and mobile-ready for e-commerce sites.
  • Offers diverse layouts and styles for customized web structures.
  • Includes automatic image resizing and Bootstrap 4 for responsive design.
  • Supports RTL languages, dynamic slides with Slider Revolution, and multi-language sites.
  • Simplifies development with one-click installation and customizable pages.

Choosing Converting Shopify Themes

Theme Selection Tips

For effective Shopify theme selection, prioritize themes that are responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. Choose themes with integrated SEO tools to boost visibility and organic traffic. Opt for customizable options to match your brand's identity.

Consider themes with fast loading times to enhance user satisfaction and conversion rates, and select those with intuitive navigation and design for better engagement.

Design Impact Insights

When selecting a Shopify theme, prioritize design elements like color, typography, layout, and aesthetic to appeal to your audience. A theme that incorporates UX principles, responsive design, whitespace, quality images, clear navigation, and intuitive interface boosts conversions. Consistent branding, attention to detail, and visual hierarchy are key to engaging customers and increasing sales.

User Experience Essentials

When choosing Shopify themes, focus on user experience essentials to improve navigation and increase sales. Ensure the theme is mobile-friendly for a smooth experience on various devices. Responsive design is key for optimal display on mobile devices, while fast loading speeds help keep visitors engaged and boost conversions.

Clear navigation and distinct call-to-action buttons help users navigate the site effectively. Adding accessibility options, such as image alt text and keyboard navigation, improves the experience for all users.

Performance Optimization Techniques

Optimize your Shopify store's performance by choosing themes with emphasis on image optimization, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, and using lazy loading. Ensure the theme supports responsive design and mobile optimization to boost user experience and conversions.

Use CDN services to lower server response times for a global reach and implement browser caching to reduce page load times. Continuously monitor your site's performance with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to quickly fix any issues.

Mobile Compatibility Importance

Prioritize mobile compatibility for Shopify themes to boost performance and user experience, as over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Ignoring mobile optimization can lead to lost customers, higher bounce rates, and lower conversions.

Mobile-friendly sites also rank better on Google, enhancing SEO and visibility. Responsive design ensures websites adapt to different screen sizes, offering a uniform experience across devices.

Conclusion: 17 Best Converting Shopify Themes

Exploring these 17 top converting Shopify themes offers a great opportunity for businesses of all varieties, from electronics to fashion, to enhance their online presence.

It's crucial to prioritize aspects such as design appeal, ease of navigation, and mobile-friendliness when making your selection. By choosing the right theme and tailoring it to reflect your brand's unique identity, you're setting the stage for a significant uplift in your online sales.

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