When it comes to Print on Demand, there are lots of options for your website’s platform. Many people go for the obvious options, but could you be missing out by not creating a Squarespace print on demand website? Is it possible? And what are the benefits?

Can you Create a Squarespace Print on Demand Business?

Squarespace websites are really easy to use and they have simple upgrades and plans that allow you to take payments on your website and run an eCommerce store. They also have features that allow you to build a print on demand business.

There are two ways that you can do this. The first is that you can manually enter the products into your website, take the orders and then make the orders yourself, manually to your printer. This could be an effective solution for you if you’re using your own printing equipment. However, this can be a messy option.
Another option is to connect your store to Printful. This is a printer that offers printing and delivery services. This is a great option for numerous brands as there are hundreds of blank products that you can use and you can create numerous products from these.

Advantages of Squarespace

There are numerous advantages of Squarespace as your website platform over others. The first is that it is really easy to use. If you’ve got no experience building a website, or taking payments on your website, then you should be using Squarespace.

Squarespace includes the basics you need to start a website (minus the domain) with your plan. The software, the templates and the editor. The editor is a simple point and click and there are more than 100 templates that you can use to start your website.

Then all you need to do is connect the third-party extension to link your website to Printful. When an order is made on your website, Printful automatically receives the requirements, they will print and dispatch the order direct to your customer.

By them taking on all the fulfillment, then you can have more time to complete other work like your website’s marketing. It also means that this can be a great way to start a side hustle or small, part-time business.

Disadvantages of Squarespace

There are a few disadvantages of Squarespace. The one that really stands out is that once you’ve selected your template and published your website, then you will not be able to change the basic design. This can be very frustrating if you think later on that a new template might help you. However, you can always start a new website, link your domain to that new website with the new template.

As every website you create starts with a 14-day trial, then you don’t miss out financially when you do this. You have 14-days to transfer the content over to the new website.

Final Word: Can you Create a Squarespace Print on Demand Business?

Squarespace print on demand is one of the best options if you’re new to owning and managing a website. A lot of the hard work with hosting is done for you and you can concentrate on running your marketing and business.

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