WordPress is a content management system that allows you to build a website. It’s the framework to allow you to publish content onto the website and display it to visitors. However, WordPress does not automatically carry any style or look for the website. Instead, you need to consider using a WordPress theme for this.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is the design of the website. It includes the style of the website, the color scheme (or set of color schemes) and the general position of elements on the website page. They might also contain some functions like contact forms, maps, sliders and more. A WordPress theme is a different file than that of other elements on the website.

This allows anyone using WordPress to have different looks and styles based on their preferences and how they would like to build a website.

Where do you get a WordPress Theme?

There are many locations where you can get a WordPress theme. Some, like Divi or Astra, are available direct from the developer of the theme. Others like Soledad can be bought on theme shops that aren’t run by WordPress.

There's also a listing of potential WordPress themes that can be downloaded and used for free from the Theme store on WordPress. While these are more cost-effective, there are certain problems. Not all themes on the store are updated regularly. Some will be abandoned by developers but still available to download and use. This can leave them vulnerable to hacks and also incompatible with new updates to WordPress as well as with plugins.

How Much do WordPress Themes Cost?

There’s a large difference in how much WordPress themes cost and some are free. Some are freemium versions of premium options. However, some free themes can be vulnerable to hackers because they’ve not had updates for long periods and some have bulky coding and poor structure that can cost you on Google and other search engines.

Other costs vary. Some themes can cost just $10-$20, others can be much higher. Some themes charge a monthly fee for their use. These premium options come with a lifetime of updates but can limit the support provided. You can sometimes buy an additional amount of support.

Can I Change the Design of WordPress Themes?

All WordPress themes can be altered. This can be done through custom CSS that can be added to the website, by hiring a developer to make small changes to the website and you can use the customization options within the WordPress theme settings to make small adjustments.

Many themes can have several different variances on them that allow them to look very different. Some themes also have premade designs within them that can look very different from other websites.

Final Word: What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a basic component of your WordPress website. They’re adjustable, easy to use and there are very cost-effective options that are available. You can find some of the best WordPress themes here.

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