Running a business can be a hard prospect for many. There are lots of things that you need to do. Making your website harder to manage and not having something that will amaze visitors is only going to make your business harder to grow. So you want to have one of the best Wix templates for business?

What can you Find in the Best Wix Templates for Business?

There are numerous things that you need to look for when you’re starting to look for one of the best Wix templates for business. The first is speed. If your website doesn’t have the best speed, you’re going to lose revenue on your website. For every second that it takes your website to load a page, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. When the average business website takes about 10 seconds to load, according to the latest research, businesses can be losing about 70% of their revenue.

In addition, you want to have one of the Wix templates for business that allows you to market your brand. There are several ways that you can do this. For one, you can connect your store to your social media channels. You should get your website linked to your Facebook and Twitter at least. You can also link your page to your YouTube channel.

In addition, you can build a blog on your website. Businesses that blog more than 15 times a month, will see more traffic, leads and revenue than those that don’t blog at all. In addition, you can build a contact form on your website to grow engagement on your website.

So, what are the best Wix templates for business? Here is our selection of the top options.

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Tour Operator - Website Template

Travel is one of the growing online industries in the world moving away from the street outlets and moving to websites. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, online websites have seen lots of traffic with booking of holidays in the summer months. To compete in this market, you need to have a website that will stand out from the crowd. The bold fonts of this vibrant website will make a great first impression on your website, and you don’t really need to be within the travel industry.

To help you sell your services to visitors, there is a slideshow area on the website that allows you to upload excellent, high-quality images of products, services and more. Then you can showcase them to your audience, one at a time. The large images look impressive and you can sell core messages of your brand with ease.

To help bring traffic to your brand, you can list the latest blogs right on the front page of your website. And there is great navigation within the store’s design. The clear and concise elements of the design are great at impressing visitors. The template is also quick to load which will help you rank high on search engines.

Tour Operator - Website Template Highlights:

  • This is a fast loading Wix template.
  • A clear and concise design that promotes your brand with ease.
  • Can use vibrant colors that can create a positive mood on your website.
  • You can use a slideshow that will help you promote products, services and more.

Small Brand

It can be very hard for your small business to get noticed. A good website is the first step to growing your traffic and revenues online. And without a good website, you can’t begin to become a success. The small brand Wix template brand is a great option for smaller businesses. It has a sleek appearance and stylish finish that will impress guests as soon as they land on your website.

Numerous customizations can be made to this Wix template. You change the layout to be more suitable for your brand and you can also change the colors of the website so they’re matching your brand more closely. These two changes are all you need to make your brand stand out but there are other customizations that you can make.

The template comes with your blog. This is perfect for marketing your brand. Those who publish more than 15 blog posts per month will get higher levels of traffic, lead generation and rank on social media. This will lead to great revenues and profits. To help with customer navigation, this template doesn’t disappoint. And good navigation is perfect for ranking as well.

Small Brand Highlights:

  • This is a sleek and stylish design that is modern and impresses visitors.
  • You can customize the design of the template.
  • An easy to use blogging system that will help you promote your website.
  • Build better navigation on your website to help with ranking.

Watch Store

There are Wix templates for businesses that are designed specifically for luxury items. This template is great for watches, accessories and jewelry. It is a modern design that is aesthetically pleasing. You can highlight your top products on your website with a beautifully designed homepage and one that will draw the attention of the audience. Therefore, you can improve conversions on your website.

You’re also able to edit product details with ease on your store and take orders. This gives you a great way to monetize your website and is perfect for those who are running an eCommerce company. Customers are going to be able to browse product images and descriptions with ease. This will allow them to shop with confidence on your store. There is also an excellent FAQ area that you can to with ease and ensure that customers know your brand more.

This clean and minimalist design offers a great loading experience for your customers. It works well on all devices, screen resolutions and browsers. You can also allow customers to create an account on your website and they can use a shopping cart on your store.

Watch Store Highlights:

  • There is easy navigation on the website, so customers can move around your website.
  • An FAQ system that allows better engagement on your website.
  • Editor product detail and upload high-quality product images.
  • Showcase your best products by listing them on the front page.

Accessories Store

This is another eCommerce template that will allow you to build a strong presence on your website with lots of great options. The trendy, chic template is perfect for anyone who is operating within the fashion sector. You’ll be able to establish a great online presence and maintain a relevant branding for the website with ease. When you build the website, you will start by highlighting the best products at the top of the homepage, a great place for attracting the attention of your audience. You can also add an editors favorites section to promotion your favorite products.

High-quality product photos can be added to your site to attract more buyers. You can also add excellent product descriptions to your website. The customization of the website is easy and quick. Therefore, you can spend more time marketing your website than designing it.

In addition, you can provide customers with account areas. Customers can log in to these areas with ease and they’ll be able to see orders they’ve made. And you can also add an opt-in form that can help you build an email marketing list to grow your business.

Accessories Store Highlights:

  • Promote your store further with an email subscription service.
  • Add a customer account area on your website.
  • Highlight your website’s best products in several ways.
  • Uses a modern website design that will impress guests.

Exotic Pet Shop

While this template was specifically designed for pet shops, it can be used for a wide range of businesses from those within the nature field or for those that want to have a calm, relaxing website that can help sell almost any niche. The template has everything you could need to help market your website. The bold fonts and vibrant colors are great for attracting audiences and there are lots of ways to get your customers to see the products that you can offer online.

The template has clean code, allowing for fast loading times. And the design is perfect for focusing the attention of the audience to what you want them to see. This could be products on offer or new services that you’re offering.

You can add a contact page to your website that will encourage users to contact your store and ask questions. There is also a form that can be embedded on numerous other pages of your website. You can also list events that you’re going to run.

The template also allows you to build a strong email marketing list thanks to the subscription box. This is located on the homepage. Email marketing has been found to be more effective than other forms of digital marketing.

Exotic Pet Shop Highlights:

  • Vibrant, natural colors that are perfect for businesses associated with nature.
  • Publish a blog on your website and list upcoming events.
  • Use high-quality images on the website without slowing it down.
  • Build an email marketing list with ease.

Travel Agency

If you’re selling tourist services, then this is one of the top Wix templates for business that you should be using. It has an exotic style that is impressive, but not overwhelming. There is great style and attention to detail that makes it attractive and will draw the audience in. On the site, you can include lots of different products, including packages and more.

The template allows you to adjust the color scheme, font, design and more. Therefore, you can easily align the website to your branding. You can also change the background image on your website to match better what you have to offer.

To help with engagement, there is a social media button area and contact forms.

Travel agency Highlights:

  • Customize numerous areas of your website for better branding.
  • Adjust the background image of the website with ease.
  • Engage visitors with contact forms.
  • Clean code and fast loading times.

Eco Tours

Eco Tours is one of the top options if you’re selling natural based tourist holidays/events. It can also be used for brands that like to stick to the environmentally friendly ethos. It has a textured background, bold design and more that will help you capture the spirit of adventure and fun. There is an image-based layout that can help you showcase what your company has to offer clients.

You can customize the text, colors and more to suit your specific branding needs. You can also change the header, add a small logo and include contact information on the front page. Finally, you can use a featured products area to draw the attention of your audience.

Eco Tours Highlights:

  • There are lots of different template functions to help you sell.
  • A bold design to stand out.
  • Quick to load on all devices and browsers.
  • A great template for ranking high on Google and other search engines.

Tutoring Company

This is a smart theme that is perfect for anyone who wants to offer tutoring, consulting, personal services, etc. It has a polished design that is easy to navigate and excellent for building an online presence for new startups. The template allows you to showcase the best testimonials you have. This can help you grow your brand’s trust with audiences quickly.

The clean design is also great for those who want to focus the attention of the audience on their services and important information. The front page has a lot of text on it, which is great for helping you rank highly on Google and other search engines. In addition, there is a slider that can help you showcase your services in action.

Tutoring Company Highlights:

  • Rank highly on Google and other search engines.
  • Great slideshow feature to showcase services.
  • Build trust with client testimonials.
  • Polished design, perfect for everyone.

Property group

This is a beautifully clean template that is ready to promote properties that you have available to buy or rent. You can customize the text on the template to fit your particular brand and promote your website to customers and rank it for specific keywords.

To help you sell products/services, you can upload core images of high quality. This will draw the attention of the audience and allow you to sell more. Images can also be placed on a slider that has an amazing transition animation that can help you maintain a professional image on your website.

This theme is very easy to use with limited technical knowledge required. It is also one of the top websites to use if you’re selling homes or have anything to do with them. With this template, you could take your business to the next level and grow it.

Property Group Highlights:

  • Highly professional design that will impress guests to your website.
  • Use high-quality images to promote your brand with ease.
  • Lots of text to help you rank your website.
  • Quick loading.

IP Law Firm

This sleek and sophisticated design is perfect for businesses who are looking to operate in the modern age of business. You can detail your business’ specialities, qualifications and success with a nice website that will promote you with great ranking potential on search engines. In addition, you can dedicate an area of your website to show off who you have working for you. In this area, you can write a little about your team and what makes them a great addition to your business.

The template is great for those looking to keep customers up to date. There is a dedicated blog section that you can use to spread the news of your website. You can also publish fantastic photos on your website to keep people informed. This is a great template for many businesses, large and small.

IP Law Firm Highlights:

  • A great template for all of those who are looking to run a professional services business.
  • Quick loading website that has lots of imagery on it.
  • Can detail the successes of your team.
  • Give readers more interesting content including team bios and blogs.

Final Word: The 10 Best Wix Templates for Business

When running a business, you need a good website and Wix has a range of designs that you can use to attract the attention of your audience. Browse through our list of the best Wix templates for business and find the template that is right for you. Which one will you install?