Sales are the most important aspect of any eCommerce store. Without sales, your Shopify store will not survive. However, these can sometimes be hard to come by. Therefore, you might need some of the best Shopify apps to increase sales.

How to Increase Profits with the Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

There are numerous ways that you can improve sales on your Shopify website. For instance, you can use email marketing features to add new contacts to your list and then send emails to customers.

Email marketing has one of the returns on investment with $36 for every $1 spent. So, if you spent $100 on a campaign, you could earn more than $3,600 from that campaign.

Another thing that you can do is to improve your website speed. For every second that it takes your website to load, you are going to lose 7% of sales.

The average Shopify website loads in between 3.5 and 5.5 seconds. This means that many Shopify websites are losing between 21% and 35% of their potential sales.

You might also want to consider improving trust with audiences. Trust is vital when it comes to selling online because customers want to know they are going to get the products as advertised.

There are numerous ways to improve the trust of audiences. Trust badges, photo reviews, video reviews, text reviews and more can help you improve trust.

Another option for improving sales is to add gamification to your website. Gamification is a concept that has been around for a while and has been found to engage audiences better. The more engaged audiences are the better the sales will be.

Finally, another way that you can improve sales is to use urgency on your website. There are numerous options for urgency that include cut-off times for delivery and sales. Or you can add the FOMO techniques like ‘also bought together’ and more.

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Key Takeaways
Top Shopify apps boost sales with features like email marketing, speed optimization, and trust-building elements.
Incorporating gamification in apps significantly increases customer engagement and sales conversion rates.
Utilizing urgency and FOMO in apps prompts faster customer decision-making, boosting overall sales.

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales - Our Lists:



Vitals is one of the best apps that is available for Shopify. It has more than forty functions that are embedded within the code that cover a wide range of features to help you improve your website and increase sales.

Some of the best features include the options that help you improve your website’s speed. A faster website will improve your site’s conversion rate and reduce abandoned cart value.

There are also ways that you can improve your email marketing. You can use the wheel of fortune feature to gamify your website and collect new email addresses. You can also use the app to collect reviews either by importing them from a review website or by requesting them from your past customers.

The app also allows you to take pre-orders for products that you’ve either got on a restock or that are coming soon to your store. Pre-orders are a great way to increase sales with ease.

There are also ways that you can increase sales through retargeting. You can do this through the use of Facebook pixels. And there are trust badges that you can add to your website.

Vitals Highlights:

  • There are more than 40 apps that you can use on your website to improve sales.
  • Includes lots of apps including sale notifications and social proof elements.
  • There are live chat options to give you a way to communicate with customers.
  • Retarget past customers with the use of the Facebook Pixel.



One of the best ways that you can increase sales on your website is to build trust with your audience. This can be done by showing that others customers have trusted you in the past. This can be done with sales notifications that can be displayed on your website.

This app will report to the customer with a popup whenever someone else on your website makes a purchase. You might also want to add a notification when a customer has added a product to their cart.

There are ways that you can improve the social proof on your website. This is by showing how many people have visited your website. Therefore, if you’re a popular website, you can build trust.

There are lots of ways you can customize how the information is displayed on your website. You’re able to hide, disable or customize the display. This allows you to control the impression.

Toastibar Highlights:

  • There are numerous ways that you’re able to improve your website’s conversion rate.
  • Social proof elements can be added to your website with ease.
  • Display how many people have bought a product, added it to a cart or been on your website.
  • Complete control over how you display any notifications.

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bear

One way that you can sell more on your website is to add free shipping to your website. This app can help you improve your website’s sales by displaying a free shipping bar.

You set the amount that the customer needs to have in their order to get free shipping on your website. As the customer adds more to their cart, they are shown a progress bar. When it is full, the customer can get free shipping.

There are lots of ways that you can customize your website’s free shipping bar. You can set the amount based on the location of the customer.

So when you know that delivery costs are going to be lower, you can set the bar lower. In contrast, you can also set different rates for different countries and currencies.

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar Highlights:

  • It takes just five minutes for anyone to set up the shipping bar on your website.
  • Tell the customer how much they need to add to the cart before they qualify for free shipping.
  • Can work for different countries, currencies and other elements.
  • Works on all devices.

Ultimate Sales Boost

Ultimate Sales Boost

Urgency is one of the biggest factors that can help you sell more on your website. When customers are put under a certain amount of stress, they can often put through an order quicker than they would otherwise make.

These urgency elements can be added across your website. This can include on your home page, collection page and even on product pages.

The app has several urgency elements you can add. This can include countdown timers on the product pages. Or you can add the get-it-by timer on the product page.

You might also want to improve the upsell messages that you can add to your website’s product pages. Upsell messages can include BOGO messages. You can also add a countdown timer to the homepage.

There is also the option to add sales stickers to your product images. This is a good way to get more attention from your audience.

Ultimate Sales Boost Highlights:

  • Add lots of urgency to your website to improve sales.
  • Add features to numerous locations across your website.
  • Move customers quicker through your website’s purchasing process.
  • Customize the app to fit your brand’s specific needs.

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket is a multi-functional app that is very similar to the Vitals app that is mentioned above. It can increase sales through different methods that can be good for those websites that are struggling to make sales but get lots of traffic.

For one option, there is a way for you to collect more email marketing addresses through a wheel of fortune game. This will offer the customer a free prize in exchange for their email address. You can choose and customize the prize.

There are also ways to improve email collection through exit intent popups. These popups will activate as soon as the website user tries to leave your website.

There are other features that you can use. There is an ‘also bought together’ feature. This can help to increase the average cart value you have. Or you can use a free shipping bar, FOMO apps, countdown timers and more.

SALES ROCKET Highlights:

  • There are more than 35 functions to help you improve sales.
  • You can create a sense of urgency with lots of FOMO apps.
  • There is a free shipping bar that can help you offer free shipping when customers spend more.
  • A wheel of fortune game and an exit intent to increase email subscriptions.

Frequently Bought Together PRO

Frequently Bought Together

Customers love to know what other customers have bought. This app allows you to show what customers have bought with products that the customer is viewing. This is a technique that is used by numerous other brands, like Amazon, which is one of the most popular and successful online stores.

The app will calculate the best products to include on the list. Therefore, there is little work that you need to do.

The app can be used by stores of any size and it can take just a single click to install. There is no need to know any code to make it work. And if you want to disable the app, you can do this with just a simple click of a button.

Frequently Bought Together PRO Highlights:

  • Improve sales on your website with recommended products.
  • Customers can see what products have been bought together by others on your website.
  • Upsell to customers with ease.
  • Easy to install and customise.

Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges

Trust Me

Trust is an important feature when it comes to selling online. If you don’t have trust, you will lose a lot of potential sales. That is why you need to add trust badges and reviews to your website. This app can help you do that with trust seals added to different places on your website that can help you improve sales.

The app can be delivered in multiple languages and you can use it across sales. And it can be used with numerous other devices.

Trust Highlights:

  • Improve your website’s SEO through rich snippets.
  • Show trust seals to increase the trust available on your website.
  • Free app that can help you save on costs.
  • You can increase sales through better trust.

Revenue Hunt

Revenue Hunt

You can increase trust and engagement with your audience with this app. You can get more out of the customer’s time and ensure that they are buying the best product for their needs.

What you do is create a quiz that can collect core information that can then make personalized product recommendations for them. This can help you to improve conversion rates because customers will be keener to purchase these products.

The app also helps you with email marketing as you can use the app to collect email details. Customers will also have a better experience on your website.

To help you get started, there is the option to work with developers. They will develop the first quiz with you. And you don’t need to worry about the site speed, this app will keep your website fast.

Revenue Hunt Highlights:

  • Create personalized product recommendations based on the quiz you create.
  • Works across all devices with ease.
  • Easy for you to create new quizzes.
  • The app has been built to load fast.

Keep Cart

Keep Cart

More than 50% of your customers will probably start a shop on one device and then leave your store. They will likely continue shopping later on another device. However, they might not have their cart and this can be disappointing. That is unless you use this app.

This app will keep their information and include what they had in the cart and keep it for another time. Then when the customer comes back, they can continue from where they left off. This is important for many customers. It can therefore help you to grow your brand and keep customers happy.

Keep Cart Highlights:

  • Keep the details of your customers for later transactions.
  • Customers only need to sign in to save their carts.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to set up on your website.

Visitors Counter Increase sale

Visitor Counter

Social proof is one of the best ways that you can increase sales on your website. The app allows you to display the number of visitors that have been visiting your website.

This is done based on their IP address. You can show that you are popular and this can encourage others to make a purchase.

Numerous elements can be used, including showing how many people have viewed a product or entered your store.

Visitors Counter Increase sale Highlights:

  • Shows how many people have visited your website/product.
  • Can customize the look of the widget with ease.
  • Add the number to different places on your website.
  • Adds social proof to your website.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Interactive Features

To boost engagement, consider integrating interactive elements into your Shopify store. Interactive features like quizzes or polls can significantly enhance user experience.

They not only engage customers but also provide valuable insights into their preferences, aiding in personalized marketing efforts.

Loyalty Programs

Implementing a loyalty program can effectively increase customer retention. Rewarding repeat customers with points, discounts, or exclusive offers encourages them to continue shopping with you, thereby increasing overall sales.

Live Chat Support

Offering live chat support on your Shopify store can significantly enhance customer service. Immediate assistance with queries or concerns can improve the shopping experience, potentially increasing conversion rates and building customer trust.

Streamlining Operations

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for a successful Shopify store. Utilize tools that alert you when stock levels are low or automatically update inventory after each sale. This ensures that your store always has popular items in stock, reducing lost sales opportunities.

Order Fulfillment Optimization

Optimizing order fulfillment processes can greatly improve customer satisfaction. Consider using apps that streamline shipping, tracking, and returns. Efficient fulfillment leads to faster delivery times and fewer errors, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage analytics tools to make informed decisions. Understanding customer behavior, tracking sales trends, and monitoring website traffic can help in tailoring your marketing strategies and inventory to meet customer demands effectively.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Above are some of the best Shopify apps to increase sales on your website. You can use one, two or numerous apps on your website. These can help you have a more successful business and you can build a greater brand by expanding into new regions and perhaps markets.

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