One of the first questions often asked when companies start using a website is how to make money from their investment. After all, a Squarespace website is an investment, like all website building platforms. So if you’re asking ‘can you make money from Squarespace?’ then you should read on to find out whether you can and how.

Can you Make Money from Squarespace?

Yes. You can easily make money from Squarespace. There isn’t just one option to make money on Squarespace and it depends on your goals, business model and more on how you can proceed. Here are some of the options for you to make money from Squarespace.

1. eCommerce

The first option is the most obvious. This is when you use one of the Squarespace eCommerce website templates and then sell your products, digital products or services from your website. This is one of the easiest options, and it can be done on the Business and eCommerce accounts.

There are no transaction fees when you have the eCommerce account, but on the Business account, you can expect 3% commissions.

There are lots of different eCommerce options available from standardised eCommerce platforms or you can use dropshipping models like those from Printful and Sprocket.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Other options you can build an affiliate marketing platform. This is where you advertise other products from other sellers and get the audience to buy from their website. You get a commission from the seller when there is a conversion.

Affiliate marketing is really simple for you to build a brand with. You can build a website on a personal account and blog, using one of the best blogging templates, to create content and then link on your website to the various offers that you’re going to promote.

This can be a harder way to earn money though. You need traffic, lots of traffic. But Squarespace allows you to build a website that can attract all that traffic with ease and at an affordable rate. While it can be done on a personal account, you might want to use a Business account for the extra features.

3. Advertising

Another option is to have advertising, sponsored content and more on your website. This is really simple to do and it can be managed on any paid account with ease. You can charge what you want and manage it all manually for the best results.

Advertising can rely mainly on the traffic levels you have. The more traffic you get the more money that you can charge your clients.

Final Word: Can You Make Money From Squarespace?

Can you make money from Squarespace? If you’re looking for a website revenue generation idea, then the above are three of the best options for you to earn income from your website.

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