Clothing is a really popular online business because everyone needs clothes, there are plenty of niches for you to specialize and there are lots of ways to enter the market. Even those with a limited budget can get involved and start a clothing business online. So if you would like to learn how to start a clothing business online, read this quick guide here.

Step 1 - Choose the Business Model

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the business model that you would like to run. Not all online clothing businesses are large stores with warehouses full of clothes. Some are niche, cottage industries with just a small selection of items. You can also offer clothing through dropshipping.

You need to make a choice now how you would like to operate because it will make a difference in later life. You might also not want to sell clothes direct but be an affiliate marketer. This is where you promote clothes being sold by others, direct visitors to their shops and collect a commission.

The choices for your brand is endless.

 Step 2 – Business Name, Domain and Branding

Now you need to choose your Business name, domain and branding. These are important things to consider. You can use a Business Name Generator and domain checker to help and reduce the time this takes.

There are lots of considerations about your domain name and brand name for you. For instance, you will need to ensure that the branding matches your ethical approach to business. So take your time on this, but when you’ve made a choice, be sure to buy your domain quickly, domains can go quickly.

Step 3 – Choosing Platform

Now you need to choose a platform to work off. If you’re starting an online store for stock that you have or are dropshipping, then one of the best platforms that you can have is Shopify. But you can always use WordPress with WooCommerce and sell using any other host. There are lots of options and you have to research carefully on which one you would like to use.

When you’ve chosen your platform you can take out a plan. Some platforms can offer you great trials.

Step 4 – Build a Website

Now you can start to build your website using a platform. If you’re using Shopify, then there are lots of great templates for you to try, especially for fashion and clothing. These can make building your website very quick as you can just customize the images and text for your website.

Remember that you might want to add in some apps/plugins for your website too to make it function better. For instance, you can add SEO apps for Shopify or email marketing apps. These come at an additional cost but can increase the long term success of your brand.

Step 5 – Promote

Now you need to promote your store. When you have a website there are several ways to do this. You should concentrate on SEO, social media and email marketing. These are the most effective methods to promote your website. For instance, for every $1 you will spend on email marketing, you can make between $38 and $44 back.

SEO is a free way to attract audiences to and with a good app you can rank high. About 60-80% of all your traffic should come through search engines, so be sure that you utilize the best apps. Finally, you should also look at building a blog. This helps build search engine visibility and attracts audiences.

Final Word: How to Start a Clothing Business Online

If you want to learn how to start a clothing business online, check out the steps above. Be sure that you use this free business name and domain checker as you start to build your online clothing store. These are great tools for you to use for free.

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