If you're running a Shopify store, chances are you're constantly looking for ways to optimize your shipping process. It's a crucial aspect of your business that directly affects your customers' satisfaction and your bottom line. Recognizing the right tools can significantly ease the burden of managing shipments, streamline your operations, and improve overall efficiency.

Exploring the 11 best Shopify shipping label apps will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about which tools can best meet your shipping needs. These apps offer a range of features designed to simplify the creation and management of shipping labels, potentially saving you time and reducing errors. Get ready to transform your shipping process and elevate your e-commerce business.

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Key Takeaways
Shipping label apps enhance efficiency with automatic label generation and management.
Some apps offer direct integration for label printing within Shopify, reducing human error.
Some apps support multiple carriers and provide real-time tracking to improve customer satisfaction.

Best Shopify Shipping Label Apps - Our List:

Avada Order Printer

Avada Order Printer

Avada Order Printer excels in generating professional invoices and tax documents with ease, offering automatic creation, sending, and management of these essential documents. The customization features are robust, enabling users to align invoices with their store's branding through the use of logos, details, and a variety of ready-to-use templates.

Additionally, the app supports multiple languages, currencies, and taxes, providing a versatile solution for a range of business requirements. The positive feedback and high ratings from users underscore its reliability and effectiveness in automating invoice generation and enhancing order management workflows.

Avada Order Printer Highlights:

  • Automates creation, sending, and management of invoices and tax documents.
  • Provides customizable templates with logos and designs for brand alignment.
  • Supports various languages, currencies, and taxes for global adaptability.

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label

This app stands out by offering the capability to add multiple carriers, automate shipping tasks, and enable direct label printing within Shopify, significantly reducing the possibility of human errors during the shipping process. With PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label, users can leverage carrier-calculated shipping rates at checkout, mark Shopify orders as fulfilled, and send live tracking notifications to customers.

Priced starting at $9 per month and including a 14-day free trial, it provides a commendable service with an overall rating of 4.9. It's particularly lauded for its excellent customer support, features facilitating multibox shipments and automatic box packing, and its effectiveness in international shipping and label automation. Its seamless integration with Shopify simplifies order processing and label printing, making it a go-to tool for e-commerce businesses.

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label Highlights:

  • Offers the ability to add multiple carriers and automate the shipping process.
  • Offers easy Shopify integration for direct label printing.
  • Uses carrier rates and real-time tracking to improve satisfaction.
  • Praised for support and multibox shipment automation.
  • Perfect for international shipping and label automation.



If you're a small business owner in Australia searching for a dependable shipping label solution that effortlessly syncs with leading carriers like Australia Post and DHL, ReadyToShip is an exemplary choice. Garnering a perfect 5.0 rating, this application not only offers complimentary installation, but might include additional charges for certain advanced features.

It adeptly addresses the complexities of shipping label creation and order fulfillment, all while providing localized support specially designed for the Australian market. The platform is celebrated for its capacity to save valuable time and minimize mistakes, attributed largely to its intuitive interface and dedicated customer service team.

Users have particularly lauded its flawless integration with platforms such as eBay and Shopify, with special mention of its compatibility with the Australia Post eParcel system. For Australian enterprises aiming to enhance their e-commerce shipping operations, ReadyToShip stands out for its effectiveness and efficiency.

ReadyToShip Highlights:

  • Effectively solves shipping label printing and fulfillment challenges.
  • Provides local support tailored specifically for Australian businesses.
  • Praised for saving time and reducing errors, thanks to its user-friendly interface.
  • Features responsive customer support that users find reliable.
  • Seamlessly integrates with major e-commerce platforms like eBay and Shopify.
  • Compatible with Australia Post eParcel system, ensuring smooth logistics operations.



easyDHL designed with a user-friendly interface and offers a variety of cost-effective pricing plans, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. From a free plan for newcomers wanting to explore its features, to more advanced options for growing and established businesses, easyDHL caters to a wide range of needs.

The app is billed in USD every 30 days, ensuring transparent and predictable pricing for all users. With an impressive overall rating of 4.9 based on 250 reviews, it's clear that customers are highly satisfied with the service provided.

easyDHL Highlights:

  • Simplifies shipping label creation and management with seamless DHL and Post integration.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating shipping labels.
  • Offers various pricing plans, including free, to suit different budgets and needs.
  • Features high customer satisfaction with outstanding ratings, showcasing reliability.
  • Transparent and predictable billing cycle with all charges clearly stated in USD.


AfterShip Shipping Labels

It offers extensive carrier options and streamlined order fulfillment capabilities, designed to save time and money on both domestic and international shipping. AfterShip grants access to over 100 carriers through its web-based platform, enabling businesses to easily manage order fulfillment processes, offer the cheapest and fastest shipping options, and validate addresses globally.

With subscription plans starting at $89 per month or $828 annually, businesses can generate up to 2,000 labels per month, leveraging advanced automation settings and API access. Subscribers can also benefit from significant USPS discounts and seamless integration with various eCommerce platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.

AfterShip Highlights:

  • Access to 100+ carriers through a web platform, offering diverse shipping options.
  • Significant USPS discounts lower shipping costs for businesses and customers.
  • User-friendly interface with seamless e-commerce integrations for easy setup and operation.
  • Subscription plans feature advanced automation and API access for efficient label generation.
  • Validates addresses globally and optimizes fulfillment, providing cheap and fast shipping choices.



ShipRobot is the go-to web-based application for online merchants who demand a hassle-free shipping experience. It boasts a seamless integration with Shopify, making it a perfect fit for e-commerce businesses that operate across multiple sales channels.

This app not only facilitates the creation of shipping labels but also ensures efficient management of order statuses through real-time order syncing and automatic updates.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the shipping process, allowing online merchants to focus on what they do best. With free installation and a modest starting cost, ShipRobot is an affordable solution that efficiently meets your e-commerce shipping needs.

ShipRobot Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with Shopify for a fluid e-commerce experience.
  • Supports multiple sales channels and carriers for various shipping needs.
  • Streamlines shipping label creation and management for efficiency.
  • Provides real-time order syncing and automatic status updates.
  • Offers cost-effective pricing with free installation for merchants.

Australia Post EZ Label

Australia Post EZ Label

If you're a micro or small business owner in Australia looking to streamline your shipping label creation and improve order processing efficiency, the Australia Post EZ Label app is the ideal choice for you. Designed for Australia Post MyPost Business, this app simplifies the process of creating shipping labels and enables automatic label printing.

With its 5.0 rating and positive user reviews, the app is praised for its time-saving features and accuracy. Its quick setup and seamless order processing make it suitable for businesses of varying sizes, offering convenience and efficiency for your e-commerce shipping needs.

Australia Post EZ Label Highlights:

  • Designed to simplify shipping label creation and enable automatic label printing.
  • Boasts positive user reviews and a high rating of 5.0.
  • Quick setup and smooth order processing for any business size.
  • Known for ease, available support, and improving shipping efficiency.

UPS Shipping

UPS Shipping

UPS Shipping app is a pivotal tool for integrating your Shopify store with UPS services, designed to make shipping processes as efficient as possible. It's a cost-effective solution with free installation, charging only for the actual shipping costs through your UPS account(s).

This app allows for easy management of orders, shipments, and shipping labels, and offers features like bulk label printing and seamless shipment tracking. With an impressive 5.0 overall rating, where 97% are 5 stars, it's clear that users find this app incredibly user-friendly and appreciate the responsive support.

It's tailored to enhance your shipping operations with fast performance, easy UPS account integration, and automatic order fulfillment after label printing—all manageable directly from your Shopify orders dashboard.

UPS Shipping Highlights:

  • Offers free installation and a seamless connection with Shopify.
  • Facilitates automatic order fulfillment immediately after label printing.
  • Ensures quick resolution of technical issues through dedicated support.
  • Allows easy management and synchronization of orders for bulk label printing and tracking.
  • Rated highly for its user-friendly interface and responsive customer support.
  • Enables efficient UPS account integration for streamlined shipping processes.

Address Labels

Address Labels

For enterprises aiming to enhance their international shipping process, Address Labels emerges as a robust solution. This app effortlessly formats shipping labels for over 250 countries directly from the orders screen, facilitating a smoother operation. With support for leading brand templates like Avery and Dymo, users can print labels in PDF format, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of use.

The app's intuitive interface, enhanced by Liquid template customization, allows for a distinctive personalization of shipping labels. Offered at a modest monthly subscription of $5 USD and including a 30-day free trial, Shopify Address Labels stands as an economical choice for businesses of all sizes seeking to refine their shipping logistics.

Address Labels Highlights:

  • Automates label formatting for 250+ countries, easing international shipments.
  • Supports Avery and Dymo templates for diverse printing options.
  • Delivers labels in PDF format for easy use and device compatibility.
  • Liquid template customization, offering a personalized touch to shipping labels.
  • Offers a $5 monthly plan with a 30-day free trial, suitable for small to medium businesses.



For Shopify sellers seeking to enhance their order fulfillment process and efficiently manage shipping across multiple stores, Shipandco is an invaluable tool. Tailored to streamline the shipping workflow, this app allows for seamless synchronization of orders, creation of labels and invoices, and shipment tracking across various carrier services like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. It's designed to simplify the complexities of managing multiple Shopify stores, providing a unified platform for all your shipping needs.

With Shipandco, you can easily compare shipping rates, generate shipping labels and commercial invoices with just a couple of clicks, and fulfill orders leveraging Shopify's multi-location inventory feature. The app ensures orders from your Shopify shops are synchronized in real-time, and tracking numbers are instantly synced back to Shopify, facilitating a hassle-free shipping experience.

Shipandco Highlights:

  • Real-time order synchronization from multiple Shopify stores.
  • Generate shipping labels and commercial invoices in just 2 clicks.
  • Compare shipping rates from top carriers including FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
  • Seamlessly fulfill orders using Shopify's multi-location inventory.
  • Instant syncing of tracking numbers back to Shopify for a smooth shipping process.



ShippyPro elevates your shipping operations by automating tracking and returns, leading to reduced shipping times and operational costs. It keeps customers informed with proactive tracking emails and simplifies the return process, thus enriching the overall delivery experience.

By connecting carriers and sales channels, ShippyPro streamlines shipping, tracking, and returns management, significantly boosting your operational efficiency. With a user-friendly interface that has garnered high ratings from a majority of its users, ShippyPro is your go-to app for optimizing shipping processes.

ShippyPro Highlights:

  • Streamlines shipping processes for small to medium-sized ecommerce brands.
  • Increases delivery speed and efficiency through automation.
  • Offers seamless operations by automating tracking and returns.
  • Enhances customer experience with proactive tracking updates.
  • Praised for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.

Choosing Shopify Shipping Label Apps

Key Selection Criteria

When choosing Shopify shipping label apps, focus on compatibility with Shopify and alignment with your business needs. Automatic label generation is crucial for efficiency and error reduction. Ensure the app supports various carriers, offering diverse shipping options.

Consider customer feedback for app performance and satisfaction insights. Examine pricing and billing to confirm cost-effectiveness. This approach ensures a strategic fit for your shipping needs.

App Integration Options

When choosing a Shopify shipping label app, ensure it integrates well with various carriers and sales channels for smooth operations. These apps enable order syncing, auto label generation, and tracking updates in Shopify. Integration facilitates direct shipping label creation with multiple carriers, enhancing efficiency.

Integration options streamline shipping by allowing connections to numerous carriers and setting up default preferences within Shopify. This simplifies the shipping process, saves time, and boosts efficiency. Such seamless integration improves the e-commerce experience for both merchants and customers.

Customization Features

Explore Shopify shipping label apps for customization features to align templates, themes, text, fonts, colors, and logos with your brand. These adjustments help tailor your brand's presentation on shipping labels. Additionally, apps offering customization for languages, currencies, and tax settings enable personalized invoicing.

Customizable templates provide a professional and consistent brand look across labels and invoices, including specific details like logos and contact information. This personalization enhances customer connection. Opt for apps allowing flexible label and invoice customization to meet your brand's aesthetic and functional needs.

Pricing Structures

Investigate Shopify shipping label apps' pricing to align with your business requirements. Determine if they use monthly subscriptions, one-time fees, or usage-based pricing, noting that free installation might lead to extra costs for additional features. Understand that recurring charges are typical every 30 days, with prices varying by label count, shipment volume, or customization needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Selecting a Shopify shipping label app with an intuitive interface and minimalistic design streamlines label creation and ensures ease of use. Clear labeling and straightforward instructions enhance user experience, while well-organized menus and features like drag-and-drop functionality improve efficiency. Choosing an app with these attributes simplifies shipping processes, saves time, and reduces errors.

Customer Support Availability

When choosing a Shopify shipping label app, prioritize responsive customer support for a smooth shipping experience. Responsive support ensures quick issue resolution and uninterrupted operations. Apps with multi-channel support like email, chat, or phone improve user experience and independence through a help center with FAQs and tutorials.

Positive user feedback on support responsiveness indicates a reliable app. Opt for an app with strong customer support, ensuring assistance is always available. This choice guarantees help at your fingertips, enhancing your e-commerce operations.

International Shipping Support

Ensure your Shopify app supports robust international shipping to over 250 countries with automatic address formatting for a seamless experience. It should provide access to multiple carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, allowing rate comparisons for cost-effective solutions.

The app must generate commercial invoices and shipping labels to meet international customs, ensuring smooth deliveries. Features like real-time order syncing and automatic shipping status updates are vital for efficient global operations.

Conclusion: 11 Best Shopify Shipping Label Apps

Selecting the most suitable Shopify shipping label app is a critical step for enhancing your e-commerce operations. By choosing from the top 11 apps we've highlighted, you're setting yourself up for a smoother, more efficient shipping process. This move not only saves precious time and minimizes errors but also elevates the customer experience.

It's important to weigh your options carefully, considering what aligns best with your business's unique needs. Embrace one of these leading solutions today, and take a significant stride towards a more streamlined and successful e-commerce endeavor.

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