Magazines are an important part of the culture of a nation. In the US, the last decade has seen a steady increase in the number of magazines being sold. The industry is worth an estimated $26 billion annually and it can only improve. Magazines are also turning to less traditional routes by also publishing online. For this, you might want to have one of the numerous Wix Templates for magazine websites.

What are you Looking for in Wix Templates for Magazine Websites?

There are numerous elements to a website that you’re going to be looking for. You want to have one of the Wix templates for Magazine websites that allows you to market your brand effectively without giving too much away. You don’t want someone on your website reading all the content that is going to be in the next issue. At the same time, you don’t want anything on your website that will limit the success of your next issue.

You need to create a balance between showcasing upcoming features as well as keeping the contents of the publication secret. At the same time, you need to market your brand and grab the attention of potential readers. This can be done through SEO and a good design on your website.

To start with you need to make sure that your template has good speed. There should also be the potential for you to add keywords, meta tags and more to help you rank higher. You should also look for opportunities on your website to blog. Blogging is important to build your SEO, those websites that blog more than 15 times per month will get more traffic, inbound links and sales than those that don’t.

You might also want to include a way that customers can buy back issues from your website. Or perhaps get them to subscribe to your magazine while they’re visiting your website. You can even host a digital copy for those who want to go paper-free.

There are numerous Wix templates for magazine websites that you might be able to use. Here are some of the best for you to consider.

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Small Brand

Small brand is not a template that some would consider good for magazines, but it has all the features that are perfect for some magazines. The template is fast and designed to bring in traffic and to build revenues on the website. It has a sleek, stylish and modern design that allows you to upload optimized images that can highlight the upcoming articles in your magazine. The template is also compatible with revenue-generating extensions allowing you to sell on your website.

Customizations on the website template can also be made with ease. For instance, there are layout changes that can be applied with ease and you can feature different elements across the page. These can be defined by your needs not a preset list of things that the template forces. You’re able to change the colors on your website so that they’re more aligned to the brand/style of your magazine. These small changes can make all the difference between you converting visitors and losing out on their readership.

The template also has great SEO potential. There’s room for you to blog about your magazine. This could include snippets about your upcoming features or it can be about the latest opportunities to work with your brand. You might just use it to showcase awards or accolades you’ve collected recently.

Small Brand Highlights:

  • This is a very sleek and stylish design that allows you to promote your magazine in a bold, stylish look.
  • Can make numerous customizations to help you brand your website with ease.
  • Start a blog to attract more attention to your website.
  • Connect with eCommerce settings to help sell back issues or subscriptions.

Online Photos

Magazines are all about the visual appeal of them. If the front cover of the magazine is drab and dull then you won’t make sales. The same applied to your website. If you have a lot of text on a screen, the audience is going to leave your website and never return. This template prevents that by offering you an aesthetically pleasing design that is perfect for any brand and magazine. The website opens with a lovely slider that allows you to showcase the next features in your magazine and advertise past copies that audiences can buy. You can also add special offers for subscriptions or news about your brand.

The minimalistic design of this app makes it one of the best for loading times. The faster you load, the more sales you will make on your website. Research has shown that for every second that it takes for your website to load on a browser, you’re going to lose 7% of your revenue. For a large magazine, this can be thousands of dollars for a one-second delay in loading time.

Other elements can be added to your website to help you promote your magazine. For instance, you can showcase your magazine with videos and add SEO elements to help with ranking on Google and other search engines.

Online Photos Highlights:

  • With some good SEO work, there is no reason why this template can not help you rank on Google.
  • Is a beautiful template that can impress guests to your website.
  • Is great at selling the very visual front covers of your magazines.
  • Loads quickly on browsers for improved visitor experiences.

Photo Studio

This is a very simple template that some elegance with its sleek and stylish design. It had been perfectly crafted so that users of this template can showcase visual aspects of their work. So if you rely on a lot of images for your magazines, this isn’t a bad option as you can showcase some of your work in images and entice audiences to find out more. You can also use photo galleries to showcase stories that can entice more people to want to know more.

This app has all the features to help you engage with audiences. For instance, there are areas where you can list all the people who work for your publication. They can have their backgrounds, images and more added to the website. Customers can also contact your team through a contact form that is placed perfectly for you to take in enquiries.

The blog that is integrated into this website is perfect for promoting your brand and improving your reach across search engines. Plus there are social media connections that can help you get more interest on networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Photo Studio Highlights:

  • A sleek design that is great for focusing attention on your magazine photos.
  • Can create video and photo galleries for attention-grabbing areas of your website.
  • Connect your audience with your team with a team page.
  • Connect with audiences across social media, contact forms and more.

The Artist

The artist is a vibrant and colorful template that has been designed specifically for a happy, cheerful crowd. It really appeals to the younger audiences and those who are enjoying life and it can be used by magazines that want to be social and promote a community spirit. The template allows you to sell your past issues and subscriptions with ease, turning your website not just into a calling card on the internet, but also a way to increase your readership with ease.

The template was built for magazines with clever and aesthetically pleasing headlines that capture the attention of the audience. There is also a strong background image for the template. This can be changed to whatever image you would like to have. This is a fixed background, therefore, no matter how much your customers scroll down the page, they will see the image behind your text.

The menu has been well designed to allow for easy navigation across your website. This can help you get customers moving from one page to another with ease. You’re also able to link your social media accounts to the website to get more interaction from your audience.

The Artist Highlights:

  • This is a well-designed template that can help your customers find you on social media and search engines.
  • A strong background image can help set the tone for the website and improve your conversions.
  • Connect your website to lots of different social media networks.
  • Sell past issues and subscriptions with ease.

Food Photography

When it comes to the similarities between food blogging and magazines there are too many to count. Both require strong stories, beautiful images and a dedicated writing team to make the businesses work. That is why this is one of the best contenders for the best Wix magazine website template. The home page of this template is perfect for those wanting to showcase lots of different images for the next issue.

There is also a great bio page where you can discuss the magazines past, who works within the magazine and anything else you would like to share with your audience. You can use this area to showcase why people should be reading your magazine and use the space to brand your magazine.

There is a sleek navigation area of the website that's aesthetically pleasing. It helps customers get from one page to another without any boundaries, which make it one of the best tools on the website. With them freely able to jump from one page to another, you can get them to move through the purchasing journey on your website. There is also a space for your contact form at the bottom of the website.

Food Photography Highlights:

  • There are lots of chances to promote images of your magazine in action on the website.
  • Customers can buy subscriptions or past issues on the website.
  • The beautiful slider adds information and builds a story on your website.
  • There is a great about us page on the website.

Janis Photography

Janis Photography is a great Wix template that is minimalistic. Therefore, the sleek and modern template has great loading potential and can help you rank higher on search engines with ease. The higher your magazine website ranks on search engines, the more traffic you will attract to your website. This can help with sales.

There is lots of space on this template to showcase your magazine’s images. You can also categorize the work, to make it more effective for the audience to find what they’re looking for. All images and text can be edited and checked before they’re published on the website.

Navigation on the website is easy. There are several areas of your website that can be displayed within the menu. This can include a review area and place where you can write more about your branding and history.

Janis Photography Highlights:

  • A sleek and modern design that can impress guests to your website.
  • Showcase your photographer’s work with ease with great images and videos.
  • Can include a bio and client area where you can tell people who reads your magazines.
  • Lots of customization options to help you brand your website with ease.

Private School

Education setting websites are an excellent choice when it comes to using a template for your magazine. They often contain lots of potential to include information and images where potential readers can learn more about your brand. The template itself offers visitors to your website a warm and friendly welcome and it is great at setting out information that can help readers find out more about your brand.

The template is set out in a traditional school manner. This can be a pain in some magazine genres, but others might enjoy the ‘old school’ style that their readers might fondly remember. However, there are also customization options with colors, images and text able to change at the demands of the owner.

There is also a simple drag and drop design element to this template to customize the design if you wish. And to help promote your brand, you can use the slider to help you have more images on your website.

As with most brands, magazines tend to have a large number of events. This template allows you to publicize them with ease. The list can include instructions and links for people to sign up.

Private School Highlights:

  • A more traditional design that can be very appealing.
  • Easy to customize the design and style of the template.
  • Use the slider to showcase important images to your magazine.
  • Showcase the latest and upcoming events on your website.

Travel Blog and Podcast

This template is vibrant and fun, so it's perfect for magazines. It is mostly used by bloggers and podcasters in the travel industry, but it is also the perfect match for anyone who wants to publish any kind of magazine. Blogs take the central stage on this template which can be a great idea if you want to advertise your features to potential readers to use these as a lure to bring in new readers.

To help you promote your blog, there are lots of areas for text and visuals on each post. You can also customize your updates with ease. Therefore, you can get the template to look more like your magazine’s branding than you would otherwise achieve.

The pastel design combination is great for many magazine genres. It is also a great option for those that would like something that isn’t too overloaded and busy on a page. This will focus the attention of the audience on the content you would like them to read.

The website templates also includes perfect navigation with a simple menu layout.

Travel Blog and Podcast Highlights:

  • This is a simple template that allows you to build an audience through content marketing.
  • All blog content can have images added to them.
  • There are beautiful customization options for your website.
  • It’s a quick template to customize for your audience.

Sports News

Sport News is a more specific template but it is a perfect magazine template for those that would like to report on Sport. The template has a beautiful image background that can be changed to be more representative of the sport/team that the magazine follows. The sleek design is also great for ensuring the audience are pushed towards one aspect of the page, where you would like them to subscribe to your magazine or buy past copies.

You can publish all kinds of news, schedules on your website. And this can be a great way to build engagement with audiences as well as include lots of information about your chosen sport.

The template allows for eCommerce, allowing you to sell merchandise, past copies and subscriptions with ease.

Sports News Highlights:

  • A design for a specific magazine genre.
  • Upload videos and images to your website and showcase them with ease.
  • Loads fast so is great for search engine rank and customer expectations.
  • Monetize your website with merchandise and selling subscriptions/past issues.

Tutoring Company

This template is one of the best for those that want to have a more educational feel to their magazine. It is a smart theme that allows you to showcase testimonials from readers and has the elements to showcase your social media links and ways readers can get in contact with you.

The template is really fast, allowing you to rank highly on search engines. It also has a frontpage that has space for you to describe your magazine and what you feature within it. There is also a perfect slider for showcasing the best images from your photographers that can be used to promote your brand.

Tutoring Company Highlights:

  • Fast loading template that allows you to rank highly on google.
  • Great slideshow feature that can help you showcase past issues and future features.
  • Build trust with potential readers by using client testimonials.
  • Polished designs that will impress guests.

Final Word: The 10 Best Wix Templates for Magazine Websites

There are lots of Wix templates for magazine websites that can be used. Above are ten of the best that will allow you to bring readers to the internet and help you earn more subscribers and grow your brand quickly. Which of the templates will you use?