Customers are looking to stay in the loop for their order delivery more now than ever before. And order notifications can be a great way for you to earn revenue. In this article, the 10 best Shopify order notification apps and their advantages are explored, highlighting their importance in your business.

Why are Shopify Order Notification Apps so Important?

There are lots of different reasons why you should use Shopify order notification apps on your website. The first reason is that your order notifications can be a good way for you to earn revenue. Automated order notification emails can generate 29.6% of revenue from email sources but only contribute to 2.9% of the send.

Another important factor is to consider that order notifications are opened more than in other campaigns. Research has found that the open rate of transactional emails is up to 50% and the click-through rate is 20%. This is far higher than the average marketing email.

With these stats combined, it is easy to see how experts think that a good series of transactional emails, like order notifications, can increase your revenues by 33%. And it isn’t just email that can contribute to this. You could get order notifications sent via Facebook, SMS, push notifications, and other options.

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Key Takeaways
Shopify order notification apps enhance customer engagement with high open and click-through rates.
Some apps offer multi-channel notifications including email, SMS, and social media platforms.
Advanced features in certain apps include personalized notifications and real-time order tracking updates.

Best Shopify Order Notification Apps - Our Lists:

Shipway ‑ Order Tracking


Shipway is a great Shopify tracking app that can be used by customers to find out where their package currently is. The tracking widget will integrate perfectly with your brand and has numerous features that can help you improve your website’s performance, keeping customers happier.

The app can work with a single order or multiple shipments.

The app sends out order notifications for shipments. This can be done via email or SMS. These updates can be sent automatically, so there is less work for you to do.

And it can notify the customer when the order has been picked, collected by the courier, or us out for delivery. It works with more than 500 carriers across the world.

Shipway ‑ Order Tracking Highlights:

  • Track all orders from confirmation of order to delivery.
  • You can send notifications through email or SMS.
  • There is a dedicated tracking link that customers can use.
  • Can track multiple shipments per order.

Trackr Order Tracking

Trackr Order Tracking

This app will connect with more than 900 couriers. This includes some of the biggest and most popular couriers like Royal Mail, UPS, and others. The app will embed itself in the backend of your website and the front end. It will seamlessly fit into your branding and you can make it look perfect at your checkout.

When a customer enters an order number, the app can collect all the relevant information and then provide them with the latest information about any order and where it currently is. There is a tracking option for any change and customers can be notified via email.

All notification emails can be customized to your specific branding. Therefore, you can build a better experience for your audience. Other personalizations can help you build a better set of notifications that can contribute to your sales.

The app can display all tracking information in three different languages including English, French, and Spanish. You can also set tracking information into Chinese if you would like.

Trackr Order Tracking Highlights:

  • Embeds into your website with ease.
  • Send notifications to your customers.
  • Display order tracking information in four languages.
  • Customize your email notifications.

AfterShip ‑ Track & Notify


This app is used by more than 30,000 Shopify and Shopify Plus sellers. It helps brands to sell more on their website and build better trust with audiences. There is a free plan for your store that offers a good price point to get started. There are also premium plans that have more features for you to use.

The app allows you to build a branded tracking page that customers can use as a way to track orders. There can be a marketing banner on the website, Instagram feed, and more. You can also add a logo, customize the page’s color, and more.

The tracker can be used with more than 500 carriers across the world. And there are options to use this with normal business models, dropshipping and other business models.

You can also have order notifications sent out via email or SMS to keep them up-to-date and reduce their need to know where their order is.

AfterShip ‑ Track & Notify Highlights:

  • Notify customers by email or SMS of the current status of any order.
  • You can create an order tracking page on your website.
  • Add social media content, like from Instagram, to the tracking page.
  • There are free and premium plans available.



This app allows you to track shipments from 400+ carriers. Therefore, whoever delivers your orders can provide the latest information about the order.

Customers will have a better experience with this and they will not bother you as much about where their orders are. This app allows you to send notifications to customers to keep them happy and they can see where their order is.

The app blends perfectly into the store. The tracking page will match your brand with ease and you can see the data automatically update with any changes.

The app helps with monitoring your website’s shipments with lots of different providers on the same dashboard. You can also set up marketing campaigns with this app.

You can set a seamless flow of content to customers with the latest news about their orders and ways to generate revenue with some upselling options.

TrackShip Highlights

  • Track orders with more than 400 carriers.
  • Customers can view their order status.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on customers chasing orders.
  • Quick and simple to use.

Official WhatsApp Business API

Official WhatsApp Business API

This app is one of the best for optimizing your store with WhatsApp. It can help you to convert business inquiries into paying customers. You can transform conversations into quick questions into good orders.

And you can also offer lots of notifications to customers. There are welcome, greetings, delayed products, pre-order notifications, and more.

There are also options for you to add post-purchase notifications like the order confirmation when it has been picked, collected by the courier, and more.

There are lots of options to help you recover abandoned carts and you can also offer back-in-stock alerts and more. You can also send instant notifications to customers to come back to your store when it is best.

There are loyalty and referral options too. You can offer discounts and gifts for them to come back to your brand. Or you can request feedback as a way to find ways to improve your business or offer a new testimonial to your website for social proof.

Official WhatsApp Business API Highlights:

  • Connect your store with WhatsApp.
  • Speak to customers regularly about their orders.
  • Send order notifications.
  • Improve pre-notification options for your business.

Ablestar Email Reports

Ablestar Email Reports

This app is more about order notifications for team members of your business. You can find order notifications in one email at a time. This allows you to spend less time opening emails, printing off orders, and picking them. This email notification app can help you run your website with ease.

You can set your website’s reports for a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. The app can help you to manage your website and see the best performance. All emails are delivered to you in a simple, mobile-ready format.

Ablestar Email Reports Highlights:

  • Send notifications to your teams.
  • Reduce the notifications to one simple email.
  • All emails are mobile-friendly.
  • Schedule the notifications daily, weekly, or monthly.

Smart Order Notifications

Smart Order Notifications

Smart Order Notifications is a perfect option for you to have more control over your order notifications. You can reduce the work overload and the costs of manually completing the action.

This app allows you to send order notifications with limitless flexibility. You can create rules for hundreds of behaviors and circumstances for you to send smart notifications to your customers.

You can create rules which specify which orders should trigger a notification. For instance, the order being picked, the order being collected by the carrier, and the order out for delivery. The emails that you send can be created from a template where you can customize the details with ease.

You can send a CSV file that contains the order information. And there are powerful webhook features that you can add to your notification.

Smart Order Notifications Highlights:

  • Send notifications to your customers with ease.
  • Lots of customization options for notifications.
  • Can determine whether to send notifications as soon as a change is made or as a batch later.
  • Improves the customer experience.

Rush ‑ Order Tracking & Lookup


This app allows you to have reliable shipping and order tracking on your website. This can help you improve website ROI, customer retention, and revenues. The tracking tool makes it easy for customers to self-serve their tracking.

The app can track orders on more than 600 different carriers worldwide, therefore, it is unlikely that you won’t be able to track the order.

The app can also send out notifications to your customers, allowing you to spend less time manually emailing your customers with ease. Notifications can also be sent via SMS.

There are detailed analytics. You can filter shipments to see if there are problems with specific products, carriers, or something else.

And you can identify when shipments are running behind and are late. You can also blacklist certain shipping locations to prevent orders from going there.

Rush ‑ Order Tracking & Lookup Highlights:

  • A fantastic way to track orders.
  • Customers can see the latest tracking information.
  • Order notifications can be sent via SMS or email.
  • Works with more than 600 couriers.

Relay: Slack Notifications


This app allows you to send Slack notifications whenever a member of your team needs to know something about an order. This allows you to save time, which is good when you’re busy.

There are lots of notifications that you can send, including order notifications that can tell certain team members to work on their part of the project. For instance, service industry professionals can use this to tell team members to prepare their part of the work.

This app allows you to choose the notifications, which channels to send them to and what information you would like to receive.

With this fantastic app, you can take partnerships with other brands to a new level and help you to manage complex deliverables with ease.

Relay: Slack Notifications Highlights:

  • Send notifications to your team when an order has been made.
  • Manage your team’s work.
  • Manage your notifications on what is sent out and when.
  • Easy to install.

Messenger channel (Inactive)

Messenger Channel

This app allows you to build better customer relationships with your website and turn more social media engagements into sales. This app allows you to connect your website to Facebook or Instagram messaging accounts.

Then once complete, your Shopify Inbox can be used to receive and reply to customers' messages on the platforms. You can manage messages from both platforms in one handy location.

The app can also be used to help you send order notifications, letting the customer know at what point in the process the order is.

There are also ways to assign certain messages over to team members and ensure that everyone is getting the messages that they need or providing customers with the best person to answer their questions.

To help you manage messages, you can download the mobile app to manage the conversations on the go.

Messenger channel highlights:

  • Manage conversations on the go.
  • Manage Facebook and Instagram messages in one location.
  • Assign conversations to specific team members.
  • Send notifications of where an order is.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Order Notification Apps

Above are 10 of the best Shopify order notification apps to help you manage your store better. Which of these apps will you use?

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